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Nov 16, 2008 09:07 AM

Iron Starr Urban BBQ in Oklahoma City

I just wanted togive this place some kudos! I'm in OKC regularly with my job, and I found Iron Starr through I've dropped in 3 times now and have never benn disappointed. It is at NW 36th and Shartel near the Pulaski Heights neighborhood. WONDERFUL BBQ meats and excellent sides! I always get the whole green beans as one of my sides. Their hickory smoked chicken just falls off the bone, and the St. Louis ribs are great! And for dessert, their signature chocolate bread pudding is amazing! Service has always been friendly and quick. It is a great place to linger for the evening and enjoy drinks, too.

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  1. I have mentioned Iron Starr numerous times on this board. It is what I call upscale BBQ, kind of like Fiorella Jack Stack in Kansas City. I like the ribs and sausage as well as the corn pudding for a side. Oklahoma City has better BBQ than it gets credit for.

    Bigray in Ok

    1. Ditto the kudos for Iron Starr - I'm always torn at lunch between their cobb salad (loaded with smoked turkey) or getting a veggie plate with all the yummy sides. And I love the chocolate cake!