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Nov 16, 2008 08:31 AM

What's the latest scoop on Soby's? - Greenville SC

I'm planning on taking my parents out to dinner in Greenville next week. A friend recommended Soby's but the comments on Chowhound have been less than enthusiastic. Any opinions and/or recommendations for me out there? Thanks.

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  1. It's what I call reliable, but not special. I have an appetizer and salad there with cocktails only once in awhile, and it's always fine. I think Devereaux's is, by far, the best Table 301 restaurant (and one of the top in Greenville), and the price point isn't that much more than Soby's for far better food.

    Although, several friends and family have gone and continue to go b/c they find the food to be quite enjoyable.

    If your parents are the type who live for food, I would skip Soby's and head to Devereaux's or American Grocery in the downtown area. If they are not that type, I think Soby's will be fine.

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      Thanks so much for the info. Would there be any other restaurants in Soby's price range you would recommend? While I'm sure Devereaux's and American Grocery are lovely, I'm looking for something just a bit less fancy pants - along the lines of Soby's. I had a glance at the menus and the price point really is a good bit higher, especially when one isn't thinking in terms of only two people. My parents do like good food, but don't live for it. My mom isn't too into spicy and a lot of the Soby's menu looks spicy a la New Orleans. I would love it, but not so sure about mom. I appreciate any feedback you might have.

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        Well, Northhampton Wine Cafe is an option you haven't mentioned...but it's pretty pricey too... it might be a little less than Dev and AG, not sure...they have an online menu. I think it would be parent-friendly if not wallet-friendly.

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          and one more...I know it''s reckless to advise a place you've never been.... I actually have been to Shane's for lunch and had a perfectly acceptable salad with shrimp. But I've never been for dinner, so it's hard to judge. Regardless, one of my friends LOVES this place, you don't hear much about it but the price point is a little lower than some of the downtown places, and it seems to be approachable food in a casual , but attractive setting.

          1. re: danna

            We ate at Soby's before the Clemson/Carolina game and we were very impressed with our meal. Each couple had a different salad and they were excellent. One couple requested a different cheese while I added cranberries to mine~no problem. The entrees were equally as delicious. I had the salmon special, another had the pork medallions, etc. The food was served HOT which I love and the portions were more than adequate.

            I asked the waitress about the salad dressing and the chef, Shaun Garcia, actually delivered the recipe to our table. He uses local vegetables, meat and cheese which is most important.

            We live in Charleston and I feel Shaun could hold his own in our beautiful city.
            I definitely would return to this restaurant.

      2. I forgot to report back. We did end up going to Soby's and it was all very nice. The food was very good and the complementary valet parking super convenient for my parents. It was fun to take them to downtown Greenville - when I grew up in G-town - downtown was a dead zone. They're definitely going back. Thanks for the feedback, everybody.