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Nov 16, 2008 08:15 AM

Recipes for Commercially Frozen Blueberries and/or Strawberries

A while back I purchased a bag of frozen blueberies and one of strawberries, and they are just sitting in my freezer. What can I do with them -- aside from making a sauce or smoothies, neither of which is of interest? I am thinking of some sort of baked goods, such as muffins or a coffee cake. Can they be substituted for fresh berries in a reciped? My concern is that there will be a greater volume of liquid that will affect the recipe. Ideas?

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  1. Frozen blueberries can definitely be substituted for fresh in any baking recipe. You might want to drain them to get rid of the extra liquid. Frozen strawberries would end up kind of mushy. You could make jam with them.

    1. I don't thaw or drain, just dump into muffin batter frozen. Never a problem, and keeps the batter from turning blue.

      1. Second the worry-free recommendation re: blueberries in muffin, pancake, etc. batter. Never had a problem.

        Strawberries you can defrost and stir, along with a bit of honey, into yogurt for breakfast. Or use this recipe (which calls specifically for frozen berries), and make a crisp:

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          Thank you Chloe. This recipe from epicurious looks great (and it's for exactly the amount of berries that I am trying to use up).

        2. America's (Nazi) test Kitchen has a great recipe for blueberry cobbler w/ a buttermilk biscuit topping, although in summer I used raspberries, nectarines, peaches, whatever. Their recipe specifically calls for frozen blues, so it should be good w/ strawbs, too. It's the one where you cook the berries first in a pie plate and then spoon on the biscuit dough after and cook it again. Too delish...just adjust the sugar/ cornstarch according to your taste and thickness prefs. You can always sub milk w/ lemon juice for the buttermilk, too. Adam

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            Their blueberry pie is the first I've ever liked and it works very, very well with unthawed frozen blueberries.

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              Cook's Illustrated Blueberry Muffins

              Part of the blueberries are used to make jam and the jam is used as a filling to enhance the blueberry flavor. Can use fresh or frozen for the recipe. They are really good, one of the best I have tasted.

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                I have made those after taping the show. don't know why I don't remember more about the results, I do remember them saying you make a jam out of the berry's but not much else. They must have been good.

          2. I have used a recipe in the past for a Strawberry Nut bread, that everyone loves. I got it years ago in one of the Southern Living Annual cookbooks - I believe it was 1984 - not sure now - I know I have it at home. It is very easy and uses the frozen containers or now bags of Strawberries. I still make it once or twice a year.

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              Could you possibly find and post the recipe? I'm cooking for a free community meal that has lots of donated frozen strawberries, and I'm trying to find dessert recipe ideas for them.

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                7 years later you might not get a reply....

                Maybe something like this sweet strawberry pecan bread? I'm sure you can swap in another kind of nut if you prefer

                A simple cobbler works too, just sprinkle the frozen berries with some cornstarch to help thicken the juices since using frozen (bake from frozen, will take about 10min longer