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Nov 16, 2008 06:44 AM

No. 9 Park recently?

Has anyone been recently? I have a reservation for Saturday night but I get a little nervous spending that much $$ when the menu has items like "summer gazpacho", "native corn" and "summer beans" in mid to late November. My alternate choices would be Sorrelina and Sel de la Terre on Boylston.

On another note, does Angela's Cafe have a Mexican brunch on Sundays? I thought they had traditional American fare but not sure if I'm not remembering correctly. Thanks!!

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  1. I'm pretty certain that the menu on No. 9's website is not the current one. I like Sel de la Terre, but do not view it as an alternative to No. 9 Park. I would choose No. 9 Park, if you're too nervous, Sorrelina.

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    1. re: Blumie

      I called to confirm that the menu on the website is their current menu. I said Sel de la Terre bc it is on my list of places to try.

    2. I've eaten only once at Sel de la Terre on Boylston and it is no alternative to No 9 Park. I thought it was mediocre at best and don't plan on going there anytime soon unless I'm going with someone who feels strongly about going there.

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      1. re: lissy

        Agreed. Sel de la Terre is mediocre at best. I know it has a lot of fans on CH, but really don't understand why. I put it in the same category as PF Changs & The Cheesecake Factory. Mass produced, mass market food with no soul... and pricey for what it is.

        1. re: WineTravel

          Personally I had a better meal at Sel de la Terre than at No. 9 Park, but that doesn't make it the "better" restaurant. They are very different in their objectives. And I thought Sorellina was no better than ish. I'd do 9 Park.

          1. re: WineTravel

            Obviously Sel de la Terre has its detractors (I have a great deal of respect for lissy's views), but to put it in the category of PF Chang's and Cheesecake Factory is just ridiculous and hyperbolic trash (IMHO, of course!).

            1. re: WineTravel

              Note - much of Sel de la Terre's menu varies from location to location, so what may seem mass-produced in the mall location is not the same in Boston.

              1. re: jody

                True. And in fairness, I have not eaten at the new Boyston Street location, and agree that the Natick Mall location is not as good as the original State Street location. (But it's still not Chang's or Cheesecake!)

                1. re: Blumie

                  Sal and No 9 are both good - I do think the Bolyston Sal De la Terre is better then the Atlantic Ave one... on that note if you want to try something other then No 9 I would recommend L'Espalier.

          2. I will say that's not the menu I'm seeing - if you haven't cleared your browser in a while it might be the old menu - the one I get seems seasonally appropriate.