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Nov 16, 2008 06:33 AM

Thanksgiving in Boone/Banner Elk, NC

I'm spending Thanksgiving week in Boone and Banner Elk NC. Suggestions for places to eat? One trick - I don't want Thanksgiving meal suggestions or anything fancy. If you know the local hole in the wall hot spots - that is what I'm looking for!


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  1. I would haveto suggest the Daniel Boone Inn in Boone. It offers a pretty traditional southern fare. It is a buffet sans the nasty buffet line all food is brought to you...good southern cooking. Unfortunately there are not many outstanding restaurants around. some other suggestions...Gamekeeper (wild game...), Casa Rustica (italian), Our Daily Bread, The Ham Shoppe (sandwiches), and finally Tupelos these are all in boone btw.

    1. I wouldn't really describe daniel boone inn as a hole in the wall hot spot haha but it is good food and lots of it!! More hole in the wallish is Coyote Kitchen and Tupelo Cafe. Coyote is near Walmart and Tupelo is on main street.

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        I grew up in Ashe County (north of Watauga), and I have to say that Shatley Springs is superior to Daniel Boone Inn.