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Nov 16, 2008 06:11 AM

Floga Bistro, Kennett ... ???

Has anyone tried this place yet? It's in the Genuardi's shopping center on Rt. 1. I think it's been the outside appearance that has kept me from even being curious. The windows are dark, and there's no hint on the outside of what might be going on inside. But I was talking to some folks last night who say it's their new go-to "neighborhood" Italian spot. So I'm wondering if there are any CH opinions yet.

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  1. Sorry, haven't tried or even noticed it yet. But I do like the chinese food the place near it sells. Their stuff seems very fresh and nicely cooked, even if you really want it for take-out rather than eat-in

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      Is that Chinese place still there? I stopped in one time and never wanted to go back. For Chinese in that vicinity I'd much rather go across the street to King's Island. Come to think of it, Floga Bistro may be in the spot where that Chinese place used to be.

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        Well, i haven't been there in about 6 months since 50% of the population here and 51% of the vote on "what's for dinner" is not a big fan of it. I'll checkl it out the next time I'm down that way (usually on my way to Hills for some good seafood to cook)

    2. Back to Floga - I've been a couple of times and would rate it very good. Not great, but very good especially considering what's available in the area. Shared a small "white" pizza as an appetizer and it was delish. Entrees run the course of typical Italian menus. Some of the chicken dishes are good as is anything with their white wine sauce. If you don't want your pasta side covered with red sauce better ask for plain or olive oil. Don't let the dark windows fool you into thinking no one's inside - it can be pretty crowded particularly on weekends. As far as I know, it's still BYOB.

      Anyone been to Amici Mei, another nearbye Italian? I haven't heard much but it's not been good. The Chinese place at Guanardis' is still there. As to Kings Island, It's another of those "voted 100 best Chinese resaurants". Who does the voting? - I don't think they like Chinese food.

      1. We finally tried Floga Bistro last night. Nothing to rave about, and nothing, really, to complain about. We shared a Greek salad as an entree and it was a nice-sized portion for sharing. It was an okay salad. I had Chicken Marsala and my husband had a chicken dish with eggplant (I forget what it's called). Both were... okay, nothing more. If we go back, it'll be to try their brick-oven pizzas, which actually looked rather nice.

        I know this may not be helpful as there's really nothing descriptive in what I've written, but I think that's kind of reflective of the food we ordered. The one thing I will say is that they seemed to be doing a fairly nice business for a quite strip mall place on a Friday night.

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          Thanks Cindy J, I have seen it numerous times and also wondered even what kind of cuisine it had.. All I can say is, for italian, I Miss Hugo's mushroom soup!! Any suggestions please

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            The Back Burner in Hockessin, DE makes a really good mushroom soup (Or at least they used to. I haven't been there in quite awhile.)

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              Have you ever tried Floga's mushroom soup? If not, do so, even my kids eat it, and they dont love mushrooms like I do!! It is absolutly wonderful!!!

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            I disagree with your decision about the Greek salad, you must have gotten a different dressing than I did, but it was awesome, it was very fresh, and definately enough to share with my husband, and to top it all off the presentation made it look even more "delish" Try it with the house dressing!!!

          3. I go to Floga Bistro all the time, even though the windows are dark, they are usually very busy. That is because the food is unbelievable. I have not had a dish there yet that I didnt like. If I can't get out for some reason, I have them deliver to my house, and it is very quick!! Its BYOB, so make sure to bring your favorite wine. On weekends, be sure to ask the chef for his specials, because, I am always delightfully surprised by them. If you are looking to try something with a little flavor because you said the other dished were okay at best, then be bold, and try some of the seafood dishes, like the seafood Fra Diablo. I love it with penne pasta!!! There pizzas are also to die for, they blow just about everyone else out of the water!!! If you have any more questions or need more suggestions, let me know, its my goal to try everything on the menu!!!

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              The first time I was there it was about half full; the second time (on a Sunday evening when most other Kennett area places weren't even open) it was absolutely empty. I had the Chicken Parmigian, which I thought was "average". The sauce on the pasta was really uninspired. My husband had a pasta dish (I forget what it was called, but it was something like taglietelle) that was really tasty. I'll try the pizza next time. But honestly, so far I haven't found much to rave about. I'd put the entrees on par with Enzo's in Kennett.

            2. I've only been there for lunch, but I found it really good. Their lunch options are flavorful and satisfying without being to heavy. I had the seafood soup and it was absolutly wonderful, i really suggest it. I want the recipe now. I'm not a fan of their "semi self-service idea though." But for a casual lunch, it's a really nice place with a tasty menu.