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Nov 16, 2008 05:05 AM

Momofuku Milk Bar-this ain't no Dairy Barn

Since my Chowhound credentials didn''t get me into the pre-opening, I was determined to beat the rest of the non-food bloggers to the opening of Milk Bar. I was number 10 in line at 8:40am with the opening at 9am. They actually opened right on time. Of course the woman in front of me had to order one of every pie and cookie and pork bun in the place to go which knocked out the cashier. The pizza ovens were turning out gorgeous loaves of bread (some with blue cheese baked in?) when the ovens started smoking. No panic as they propped open the doors to clear out the haze. I should've ordered the pork bun with egg which I saw someone else having. (note to self: short McDonald's stock at the open Monday as these will undoubtedly make egg McMuffins obsolete). Instead I ordered the volcano. If Yonah Schimmel in its heyday had the foresight and lack of religion to insert bacon, onion and gruyere into their knishes, this is what you would've gotten. It was unbelievable. Knowing Chang would not be content to merely dethrone McDonald's and Jewish street food, I ordered the chocolate milk and the softserve pistachio with pretzels crumbled on top. Had the chocolate milk been hot , it would've blown away every hot chocolate in the city (and I've had all of them). it was frothy, with the most intense milk chocolate flavor I've ever had. Finally say goodbye to Mr. Softee, Custard King and all the ice cream wannabes. The pistachio softserve (which I enjoyed as much as the concord grape they served at Burger Bash but which I guess didn't make the cut here) was brilliant, sweet, salty, caramel and the pretzels crushed as a topping which I thought would screw it up actually enhanced the umami. I am not a David Chang stalker-haven't even been to Ko yet-but this place is brilliant.

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  1. Wow, gg, this is brillant and my mouth is watering! I have not heard anything about Chang opening up a Milk Bar. Is it near the rest of his "chains"? Is it a stand-alone and open throughout the day?

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        milk bar & bakery hours of operation
        sun - wed 8 am - 12 am
        thurs - sat 8 am - 2 am
        207 2nd avenue l 13th street entrance

    1. I made it to the Milk Bar yesterday as well. My friend and I arrived at about 2 w/a line out the door of only about 8-10 people. It ended up taking us an hour to order and get our food. The staff behind the counter seemed very confused by how to tackle the ticket situation--there was a lot of staring at and rearranging tickets and a lot less preparing the food listed on the tickets. We both had the salted pistachio caramel ice cream, and I agree w/guttergourmet that it was very good. I got it w/peanut butter halvah topping. I also got a compost cookie to go, which was a very good, if not particularly interesting, cookie. Hopefully they'll figure out the line/service issues by the time of my next visit.

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        Practically empty today at 10am. The egg pork bun was amazing-the egg poached then fried and runny over the pork belly, cucumber, scallion, hoison sauce in the pillowy bun. The chocolate milk was great again and for dessert a slightly warmed slice of blue cheese stuffed polenta bread with kimchee butter melted on top. OMG MMMM!

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          I could go for that egg pork bun right now! Too bad Milk Bar wasn't open when I was in town last week. And lol to your dessert at 10AM.

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          We were there around noon on Saturday-the line was just at the door, but it took about 45 minutes to make it to the counter--I agree they need to work on the ticket system-we worked our way up to the counter again and told the two guys there that we had to be at the Public by 2 (curtain) and they were very nice about getting us out...but it is confusing, as you stand on line and other people cut in front of you to pick up what they've already ordered.
          That said- we agree with the above about the pistachio caramel soft serve-terrific. We also tried the grapefuit, which was refreshing, but felt like second place next to the pistachio.
          We also took a cinammon bun for later--at home, we warmed it up, and it was very nice-worth the wait? Maybe not. Let's hope they learn to manage the lines a little better soon (like pre-forming the cookie/cake packaging-to-go?)

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I thought it was super yummy! I had the volcano--it was $7 and insanely filling and rich. Definitely knish-like with bacon flavor permeating the entire thing. It made me wonder if I could make something similar at home. I also ate a corrnflake/chocolate/marshmallow cookie and it was quite salty, maybe a little too salty but I should have had a glass of milk with it. I also got a slice of pistachio cake but I'm waiting until later to eat it. Overall, I really liked the vibe of the place. There were only 2 people in front of me but it took like 10 minutes to get served because there was only one worker at the counter and of course one of the people in front of me was asking a million annoying questions. This place is awesome but I would never go in if it were crowded.