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Nov 16, 2008 04:57 AM

Joe's Stone Crab "Bailout Lunch Special" - Miami Beach

Was at Joe's for lunch earlier this week and saw that they had a "Bailout Lunch Special" listed on the menu. Forgive me if I don't get the details exactly right, but it was something to the effect of a cole slaw app, 3 large claws, 1/2 orders of hash browns and creamed spinach sides, key lime pie and a coffee for $30. Just about everything you love about Joe's, for one (relatively) low price.

I also may have misspoke in a post sometime earlier when I said that the greatest bargain in town - the 1/2 fried chicken for $5.95 - had disappeared from the menu. It's still there, as is the $5.95 chopped steak.

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  1. a friend works for the city of Miami Beach tourism, he said that CBS 4 was trying to d a piece on the opening for season and struggled to find an angle to film in front of that didn't show the empty restaurant... Smart move on their part.

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      We were there for dinner last night and it was packed.....and great as usual.

      1. re: dlgc

        don't get me wrong, I enjoy them and do takeout from time to time. Enjoy their offerings other than the claws too.

        Simply was an observation on possibly a reaction to the state of the economy.

    2. I know this is not in keeping with the original thread but it seems kind of crazy to me that we are speaking of a "Bailout" lunch "Special" costing $30.00. Guess I am just getting to be an old geezer!