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Nov 16, 2008 04:53 AM

Deep Fried Turkey....?

Is anybody in the Boston area cooking deep fried turkeys? Can I order from anyone
in our area? Any help out there? I thank you kindly

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  1. Summer Shack is offering a prepared deep fired turkey dinners

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    1. re: Rucka321

      Jake from the closed Jake's Boss BBQ in Jamaica Plain was doing just deep fried turkeys around the holidays from a co-op kitchen someplace in JP.
      I am not sure if he's doing them this year, but was last holiday season.

      1. re: janzy

        I called Jake on Friday to ask about his fried (and smoked) Thanksgiving turkeys. He said he'll be cooking some up, but is not going public with them as he has in the years since he closed Jake's Boss BBQ. Too bad. They're great birds.

        1. re: katzzz

          Thanks for the heads up Rucka321, I just ordered a 14 pound bird with
          gravy from Summer Shack. (I thought you were putting me on) Who knew
          deep fried turkeys at Summer Shack.

          1. re: danniboy

            surprised me too, when I heard... are they stuffed?

            1. re: Rucka321

              You cannot fry a stuffed bird as it will not cook through. I suppose they could cook some stuffing and throw it in the bird after frying though.

            2. re: danniboy

              So How was the summer shack bird? Did they provide heating instructions? Thinking about getting one for a party soon...

              1. re: talltravel

                It was very good. Doing it again this year!

      2. My brother deep fries a turkey every Thanksgiving. It's not difficult, but you need to pay attention. You *must* fry it outside. He sometimes injects his turkey with cajun seasoning, and always gives it a spice rub,

        He measures the oil and factors for displacement once the turkey is put in. There's a timing formula for turkey size = time in the frier. If you are game, and don't mind some burnt grass in your back yard, try it.

        We also do a roasted turkey, but the fried turkey is always picked clean by dessert.

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        1. re: nomadgirl

          Our family does the same. My brother in law does the "traditional" bird, I think outside the box, one year I do fried, the next I do a smoked. And the result is the same, fried or smoked is always gone. This year will be fried.

          BTW...just found this site today, it won't be the last time i visit.

          1. re: nomadgirl

            Also, if you want a sense of what it tastes like, there's a chinese dish that gives you a feel for it. It's done using chicken and you can get it from China Pearl or most cantonese restaurants.
            Well, at least that's what my first bite into a fried turkey reminded me of :-)

            The main negative is dishes you make w/ the leftovers tastes better w/ a regular turkey than a fried one...if you have any turkey left (I always get one a bit bigger to do a few dishes with it).

            It's not expensive to try...probably $50 at most for the fryer and all the peanut oil.

            1. re: Spike

              Be careful using peanut oil if you share your left-overs. Make sure you mention you use peanut oil. A neighbor of mine has peanut allergies and has actually had a very small reaction just from the aroma while I'm cooking outside.
              Of course, we've never had leftovers using on the fried bird so I can't comment on how they taste.

            2. re: nomadgirl

              We don't do a deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving (too untraditional for the Mama Bear!) but every time we host a barbecue, we do not one but two of them, because one is just never enough. I'm not a huge turkey fan generally, but injected with garlic butter and tossed in the fryer until crisp? Divine.

            3. Check out Popeye's. They often will fry your turkey for you (that you bring to them) or sell you one of their own.

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              1. re: sailormouth

                Really? I would have thought this would be a health violation, i.e., a business cooking outside food.

                1. re: Prav

                  I know in some places the chain will, I'm not sure about our location here. It was just a thought.