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Nov 16, 2008 03:48 AM

Overcooked Tuna...Any Way To Salvage?

I coated a lovely tuna steak with black and white sesame seeds, seared it on a grill, but unfortunately overcooked it even though it was only on each side for a couple of minutes. Now I'm pretty annoyed with myself and disappointed that I ruined a beautiful piece of fresh tuna (and I'm no cooking novice either) there ANY way at all to salvage it by perhaps masking it with a delicious sauce/salsa of some kind? It's not completely dried out...there's a touch of pink in the middle, but it's definitely not cooked the way it should be. Help?

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  1. this recipe for ancho chilis stuffed with tuna is one of my family's favorites and I return to it often. I don't think slightly overcooked tuna would at all hurt these since there's a lot of moistness in the filling. The sesame seeds won't hurt either-- You soak the chilis in a vinegar and brown sugar mixture to soften them, stuff them and serve on a salad with avocado-

    Tuna and Potato stuffed ancho chilis:

    1. Ina Garten has a delicious tuna salad recipe with avocado and wasabi. Ideally the tuna would be rare, but I'm sure it would still be delicious with the tuna cooked through.

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        Mmm, that tuna salad sounds awesome!

        I was thinking about a deep dish tuna pie. You just cook some onions/potatoes in milk, add whatever medley of veggies appeals to you, add the tuna, and put it in a deep casserole, covered with some homemade pie crust. Super easy, homemade pie of delightful comfort food.

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          mmmm this does sound like great comfort food. would the sesame seeds get in the way though??

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          I was going to suggest the same is delicious!

        3. Sadly, I do this frequently. I am cursed when it comes to searing tuna. You could make an Italian-inspired tuna salad. Cut the tuna into small pieces and toss with capers, minced shallot or onion, chopped pitted kalamata olives, chopped parsley, maybe some chickpeas or cannelini beans. (This ingredient list is just for example, off the top of my head). Dress with a lemon vinaigrette. Serve in warm pitas or over toasted baguette slices or on a bed of salad greens. I have also had delicious tuna melts made with fresh tuna salad.

          Or, you could make a pasta dish with the same type of ingredients - say canned chopped tomatoes, olives, capers, the tuna (in chunks), etc. Puttanesca-style.

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            Oooh can't believe I didn't think about drowning the tuna in a tomato-based pasta dish...that will definitely hide the sadness of my tuna quite well. Sorry to say this, but I'm SO glad it's not just me that over-sears tuna! Sigh.

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              dubedo, your salad idea sounds so delicious and refreshing.

            2. Just put it in the fridge and it will uncook it. Don't leave it too long though or it will get all raw.

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                  i wonder if i stay in the fridge whether i could reverse *my* aging process! if only. {;^D

              1. You do know that tuna can be eaten in forms other than seared and rare, right? A touch of pink in the middle sounds fine, I don't see why you need to hide or drown it. If it's a bit dry, you could serve it drizzled with oil, or with a white wine sauce.

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                  It just doesn't taste right...I already tried a ponzu sauce with it but that didn't work, hence my need for alternatives. And a touch of pink was being was more like a very faint spot of color...

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                    the olive oil in the italian salad idea will help with that dryness.