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Nov 15, 2008 10:38 PM

Street Food in New Orleans

A few times I came across a truck outside of Tipitina's Uptown serving delicious Boudin Balls, Bacon Brownies, BBQ sandwiches and po boys. YUM. I'm trying to figure out what this wonderful food cart is all about and if there is a schedule of some sorts. Whenever I purposefully look for it, it seems to be gone. Or if anyone knows of any New Orleans street vendors (and please do not say those hot dogs on Bourbon Street) I would greatly appreciate it.


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  1. I've been trying to catch the Purple BBQ truck myself, to no avail.
    The deal is when there's a big show at Tip's they will be there.

    So, my best guess is take a look at the lineup at Tip's and venture out when there's a really big show.

    If anyone else has any info, I'd love to know. I can easily take this route home (and often do), but have yet to find the truck but once and I was with folks who didn't want to stop (party poopers).

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    1. re: Isabella

      I see them parked in front of Mimi's in the Marigny frequently....

      1. re: SheanaD

        There is a van that parks in front of Mimi's....They sell tacos and stuff. That isn't the same van.

        1. re: SheanaD

          Sorry SheanaD...I stand corrected. They are now in front of Mimi's every Monday night. Last night, Pulled Pork po boys, grit fries, bbq ribs and some amazing looking quesadilla. They are also going to open up at the old Iris location. This is great news!

          1. re: mortalcoil

            Thanks mortalcoil, for the Mimi's sighting. What about other nights?
            I ran into the que dude & he said they are hoping to open this week.
            Then in the next breath he said in 2 weeks.

            He said they are working night & day to get the place ready.
            Let's keep each other posted!

      2. there is a taco truck that parks on frenchman st. near royal late night (not sure what days, definitely the weekend). may be the same one that parks outside mimi's though (never seen it there). good tacos.

        1. The truck is named Que Crawl and yeah, it's awesome. The grit fries are the best!

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          1. re: hamsandwich

            I totally forgot about the possibility of the purple Que Crawl truck opening a spot in the old Iris location. I was in the Riverbend all weekend & coulda looked!

            I'll look later today if I remember.
            If I made a mental note to go to Cafe Lebanon for lunch that might help my memory!
            I could go for an eggplant sandwich with some lula on it!

          2. I wish wish wish we had more street food. The selection today is better than it was pre-katrina. Try the taco truck at the corner of Eagle & Carrollton Avenue, across from the drinking water treatment plant; it slings a pretty good carnitas torta (sandwich) and good agua frescas. Or the red taco truck on Carrollton near Washington Avenue, in the parking lot of the gas station; its food has a centro-american slant, with pupusas among the offerings.