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Nov 15, 2008 08:40 PM


I'm tired of 'Sweet Lady Jane'...I'm looking for somewhere I haven't tried to be the new place of choice for a fabulous cake.
Just a good, simple, no frills, humble, old fashioned, dense, delicious, unpretentious cake.
Any ideas?

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  1. Hotcakes Bakes.....there is one on Centinela just east of Washington, but I remember hearing that they opened one in Hollywood recently.
    Cakes look delicious, but I can only speak for the cupcakes, choc chip cookies, brownies, lemon bar and pecan bar :) YUM!! The yummiest!!


    1. When I want a decorated cake, I do it myself. Otherwise, I get a whole 8" chocolate cake at Continental bakery on Burbank Blvd. in Valley Village or Mom's BBQ on Vanowen at Hazeltine in Van Nuys. In the city, I'd go to Beverlywood Bakery on Pico or Schwartz Bakery on Pico or Fairfax.

      1. Buttercake Bakery and Jamaica's Cakes, both on Pico in West LA are pretty darned good. I've never been disappointed with any of their offerings. Of the two, Buttercake probably has more of what you're describing.

        Victor Bene's is alway reliable. Most of their chocolate cakes like the Parisian are standards there. A lot of their cakes tend to look dressed up, but look under their skirts and it's all real...

        Angel Maid on Centinela in Mar Vista makes various kinds of cakes that tend to be on the lighter side. Fillings (off the top of my head) are strawberries with cream, passion fruit, mango, chocolate dobash. Originally favored mostly by the Japanese community, Angel Maid now draws from the whole surrounding community.

        Massimo's on Washington was bought out by Rainbow Acres. They seem to have gotten back some of their shine - at least on their cakes, cookies, and gelato. The service can be spotty but there's a guy there with a relatively heavy Spanish accent who is very attentive and friendly. If you like very decadent chocolate hazelnut cakes, their version should do you. And do sample the gelatos. They have some very good flavors, particularly their seasonal fruit flavors.

        Hotcakes Bakes was mentioned - I do like some of their stuff (canneles, cream puffs, some of their cupcakes), and find their cakes to be good but IMHO suffer from lack of consistency. They do seem to look pretty "rustic" at times. Maybe this might be what you're describing as well but I would expect them to look a little more polished, considering the owner told me she learned her craft as well as worked in Paris.

        It sounds like you might live or work in the general part of town that Sweet Lady Jane is located. Have you tried Susina? I would regard Susina as superior in just about every way. Their cakes are regarded by most on this site to be superior to SlJ. SLJ still beats Susina in three categories:

        1) Blows off non-celebrity customers with relish -
        2) Having a list of celebrity clients who seem not to know crap about crap.
        3) SLJ's lemon meringue tart is killer - I've yet to have one that compares.

        Here's the links for some of the places. Victor Bene's can be found mostly at just about any Gelson's.

        Massimo's Delectables
        13222 W Washington Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90066
        (310) 823-8381

        Buttercake Bakery
        10595 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

        Angel Maid Bakery
        4538 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

        Hotcakes Bakes
        4119 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

        Jamaica's Cakes
        11511 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          The link to Susina didn't get added on my post - here's for another try:

          Susina Bakery & Cafe
          7122 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Wow thank you very much for these suggestions. I'm on my way, today, to 'Jamaica's Cakes' to try it.
            Yes, while I do live close to SLJ, I am finding more and more that I find my best food at small, out of the way places....
            I laugh at the people who are willing to stand for an hour, in 90 degree heat, for the most mediocre cupcake in S. Cal...Sprinkles.
            I'm seriously tired of the attitude and the 'not so great' cakes at SLJ.
            I'm really not so turned on by anything in that place anymore.
            So...I am going to value the places where they value their customers, value their product they're selling and, during this rough economic time, will do whatever they have to do to compete in order to endure it.
            Interestingly, enough, it's those strip mall places that have me thinking twice about going back...:).
            Maybe in this tough economic time it will weed out the bad from the good.

            1. re: latindancer

              Hey Latindancer (love that name), I was going to rec Susina since you live somewhere close to SLJ and wanted to see a different face with nice bones and a good personality. But if you want to head out to Jamaica's Cakes, I won't stop you - just be forewarned that it's nothing fancy and kinda small - not that SLJ is grand. If I were you, I'd head down Pico, stop by Buttercake for their awesome cakes and a menu, continue on for another 10 minutes and hit Jamaica's Cakes (grab their menu as well - what they display vs. what they can do are two different stories), then head home and give both a whirl. After a couple hours of spinning, head over to Susina, then let us know what you really think. You live near a gem of a place - don't pass Susina up.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                My intention was to go to all of these a few days ago, as you suggested, but the traffic and the smokey skies prevented me from venturing too far.
                Today I made it to Susina.
                I ordered 3 slices to strawberry shortcake (cake), one cherry pie , and one berry cream cake...
                All three were excellent. The cake, itself, was flavorful and dense and perfect. The whipped cream and the fruit was very high quality and wonderful. I highly recommend the cherry pie. The piecrust was flaky and rich.
                I'm very excited as I've driven past this place about a thousand times and never really noticed.
                Thank you and I'm thinking tomorrow I'll try the other two...:),

                1. re: latindancer

                  Not to sound cocky, but I knew you'd dig Susina - just about everyone does. Now scale back your expectations as far as decor and size, but you can keep your other hopes high for the remaining two on your list.

                  Not to complicate issues, but since you'll be driving down Pico, you might also consider stopping by La Maison du Pain. If you like French-style breads and pastries, then they're worth the stop. They're about half-way between LaBrea and Fairfax. Bon appetit!

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    Bulavinaka, thank you! I have been reluctant to mention La Mainson du Pain because I'm afraid once I do the cinnamon rolls won't be there when I go to get mine! I am in love with just about everything in that place...they actually made chocolate truffles a few weeks ago that were some of the finest I've ever tasted. I truly appreciate the recommendation for Susina...all three pieces I bought are gone gone gone!! What a great find.

                    1. re: latindancer

                      Glad to hear you already know about La Maison du Pain... Between them and Susina, there's very little else one would be wanting from an oven...

          2. Susicakes on San Vincente in Brentwood makes truly outstanding cakes, both layer and sheet. They will also decorate a cake with anything you want - my son brought a picture he'd drawn and they recreated it on the cake. They use top of the line ingredients i.e. only butter in the icing, no cheap replacements. But - you pay for it. They have a good selection of cupcakes so you can taste first to see if it would be worth it to you to splurge for a cake.

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            1. Caprice on Pico in Santa Monica is fantastic. They are more of special order place, but they do have cakes already made. Basically it's one big kitchen. We just had a white cake with custard filling with fresh fruit and a buttercream frosting. It was killer and it went very quickly. I also ordered some of their cookies and everyone loved them. Check them out.