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Nov 15, 2008 07:18 PM

Studio Cafe: New Review

I took a friend to brunch this afternoon at Studio Cafe. Since I had moved to a new area 2 weeks ago, I have not been in Studio Cafe for a while. The service was good,rushed,but it is understandible,they were busy. I ordered the three egg omelate,fillings were chedar cheese, + mushrooms,with salad. It was excellent. My friend ordered a BLT sandwich, also very good he told me. The coffee was rather strong,and even a little bitter. Prices are high. I'd like to see more variety on the brunch menu. However,it was an enjoyable brunch. As satisfactory as it was,there are places that I feel are better for brunch on Saturday. Chez Piggy is one. Pan Chancho is another. For eggs,scrambled,omelates,bagels, Bagel World is still very special. The now vanished Cheese Shop in London Ontario was a very good place for lunch,breakfast,dinner,or brunch.

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  1. Myself and 3 friends had Sunday Brunch in the Studio Cafe a few weeks ago.

    The best deal is their Prix Fixe Brunch, which incl. appetizer, entree, plus coffee AND fresh-squeezed juice for $32 plus tax.

    A la carte can get pricey, as a cup of regular coffee alone is $5.50 -- plus tax!!

    Having said that, I ordered the Strawberry French Toast, -- served on thick-sliced Egg Bread -- and topped with a Vanilla and Ice-Wine Mascarpone Cheese, which was excellent! :)