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Nov 15, 2008 07:09 PM

Korean BBQ, Pittsburgh?

The only place I've found so far is Sushi Kim, are there any other places in Pittsburgh that have Korean BBQ?

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  1. Tokyo Restaurant, nee Young Bin Kwan, located in Bloomfield has Korean BBQ.

    1. Been to Tokyo once (at the intesection of Bloomfield bridge and Liberty) once for BBQ. The short ribs were pretty standard, the spicy pork was good although it had some really really small pieces that were hard to grill. Not bad compared to K-town in NYC, a tad bit pricey. Got the seafood pancake as well, it cooled off a little quickly but was crispy and the taste was ok.

      1. Try Korea Garden in Oakland. They have a menu that is divided into Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The food is MUCH better than Sushi Kim, where I have had terrible food and service. Check the website for a couple of reviews.

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          Enjoyed an excellent dinner at Korea Garden last night. Hot and sour soup (from the Chinese section) will redefine this soup in your mind – not gloppy like so many restaurant preparations, but light and flavorful, with a little heat and good tang. Sliced pork tenderloin in a sweet and spicy sauce was outstanding, and the gal bi were tasty. Good kimchee, a nice seaweed with chili sauce and the ubiquitous marinated bean sprouts were nice sides – I couldn't go for the little fishes in what looked like a chili paste (Dean enjoyed them).

          Nice people, simple place but the food was wonderful. Definitely going back.