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Nov 15, 2008 06:40 PM

Scottish food / recipes

Anyone out there interested in Scottish food? I am an avid cook, and am trying to build my skills to include the food of my heritage. Not very exotic, I know -- but certainly unique!!!

I have thus far made stovies, shortbread, scotch eggs, haggis (of a sort), cock-a leekie soup, cullen skink chowder, among others.
I'm trying to get a menu planned for the upcoming St. Andrew's day (Sun. Nov. the 30th)
Yes, I have a kilt and wear it whenever I get a good excuse!

Any input or questions/dialouge would be much appreciated.

Thanks much
Ray Mc --

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  1. You may do well to post this under homecooking. Good luck.

    1. Im not scotish but Welsh, there are some recipes that cross over here is a good link to Scotish Recipies, Enjoy Jock

      Taff in NH

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      1. re: djr222

        Jock --
        Thanks so much for your swift reply. I am sure there are many cross-over dishes, as you have said. I talk to Welsh people, just not English unless absolutlety neccessary!
        Did you get to the recent games at Loon in Sept? Great times, much whisky!!

        Happy Thanksgiving, Hogmanay, etc!!

        Ray Mc --

        1. re: RayMc

          Thanks, no did not get up to Loon, have been before, If you get down into MA , in Methuen, there is a place called Thwaites, they sell good scotch eggs, there sausage are close to home to, as are the pork pies


      2. Here's yet another link to traditional Scottish dishes/recipes. I got very interested in Scottish culture a few years ago while reading a series of historical novels about The Highlands.

        Edit: Forgot the link....

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        1. re: Gio

          neeps and tatties - dear to my son's Scots godfather:

          My mother was a Scot - but aside from being an excellent baker of scones and fruitcakes she never made any Scots dishes - probably because she couldn't find the ingredients.

        2. Hi Ray Mc
          I saw your Scottish food post on the front page and as a fellow Scot, now in London thought i'd have a look!

          I highly recommend Skurlie - a scottish oatmeal stuffing which I always make at Xmas - as was tradition in my family! Its really tasty and a little goes a long way as its very filling!

          I also recommend tattie soup, with oatcakes of course! Also white pudding, although I've never made it - its a gorgeous kind of oatmeal sausage!

          Theres recipes for all at - althoug we never use butter for skurlie, tending to use lard (is that dripping in the US?).

          If you like sweet things, Tablet is a very traditional scottish item and I found some yesterday while shopping in London - be warned it is very, VERY sweet!