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Nov 15, 2008 06:07 PM

new Hmart in Edison?

I came upon this little ad on the Hmart website. Unfortunately, I cannot read Korean! It looks like there's going to be a new Hmart opening in Edison on Lincoln Highway. I think it says 1745 Lincoln Highway as the possible new address. Has anyone heard anything regarding this?

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  1. That location is in the same shopping center as the Chinese supermarket, I think it is called ABC farm. National Wholesale Liquidators just moved out recently. It is often referred to as Tops Plaza. That is the very close to the very busy intersection of Plainfield Ave and Rt 27 (Lincoln Highway). I will check it out the next time driving by. That strech Rt 27 is chock full good places such as Pithari Taverna, Dehli Gardens, Kings Village and Wonder Seafood among others.

    1. YAY!!!!!!!!

      There is an HMart on Old Post Road across from Penangs but it's really small and kind of dingy. Maybe they're moving over there and expanding. More variety!

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        I was by there the other day and could have sworn I saw a new Korean Restaurant in that location.

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          there's a new restaurant across from Penang's? I know that there is a restaurant in there called Keum Ho Jung (?) in there. Do you know the name of it?

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            I caught a blue grand opening sign out of the corner of my eye. I know of Keum Ho Jung and I'm pretty sure this is in the mini makret place as I've been in there before.

            Also went by the Tops plaza today and there was nothing going on in any of the vacant buisness spaces.

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              went by again today. there are now three restaurants there and the mini mart is still open. I'm not sure if that's an hmart as the sign is in Korean but it's the same one that's always been there. The place with the grand opening had 'coming soon' signs on the windows upon closer inspection. Keum Ho Jung is still there as is the Korean/Japanese place.

              Not only that but also the place down the road that used to have african food is korean now and the farmer's market/deli is also a new asian place. 'Catering' was the only word I noiced as I drove by and the script on the sign didn't look korean to me. I'm guessing Japanese but it's pure speculation.

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                This is all in the same strip mall? Wow! I got to check that out the next time I'm in the neighborhood! Thanks for letting me know.

      2. oh man...Asian Food Center is going to have some serious competition once that Hmart opens up!

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          The Asian Food Center moved to Piscataway months ago...

          Asian Food Markets of Piscataway
          1339 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854

        2. I was told by a friend who keeps a pulse on all things real estate in that area that Tops Plaza was bought by a developer who planned to build co-op or condo apartments. (1) Seems like an odd location for an apartment complex. (2) Developer’s plans may well have changed considering the current housing market. Friend said that as far as she knew, the Asian Food Market was going to stay put (along with the doctors’ offices on the highway side of the building). It’s really hard to believe that a direct competitor would want to move in right next door.

          I’m not familiar with Hmart. Is it indeed a direct competitor? From the look of the floor plan on the link it seems to have more of an emphasis on prepared foods than does the Asian Food Market. Is that true?

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            Hmart is a Korean supermarket. Asian Food Center (AFC) is a Chinese supermarket. They things they offer are not exactly the same but they are similar. Hmart will definitely have an emphasis on prepared food such as Kim Chi and other Korean-style prepared dishes (think all the small appetizers you get when you sit down at a Korean restaurant). This will definitely affect AFC tremendously especially on the vegetables. The quality of veggies are usually bad in AFC, Hmart usually have better stuff.

          2. Found updated information on the Edison Website:

            1. #P14-08/09 – MCC Realty Investment – (Tops Plaza) Route # 27 and Division Street
            Block 96 Lot 45
            Proposal to upgrade existing Shopping Center and an addition of 1800 sq.ft.

            Variances requested for:

            Disturbance from a gas line 75’

            Free standing ground level to sign – Required 10’ Proposed 3.6’

            Façade sign from ground – Required 20’ Proposed 30.6’


            Sounds like they are doing a major upgrade to this shopping center.

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              . . . and scroll down to the second transaction. I had heard that the developer was planning an apartment complex. Seemed like an odd location for one, and evidently my source was mistaken. "Asian themed" sounds promising.