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Nov 15, 2008 05:35 PM

Good Chinese Food on the Westside???

I've lived in Venice for a year and a half and would love to find a GOOD chinese restaurant nearby....HELP!

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    1. It's really hard to find 'great' Chinese in LA...BUT... we have found a Cantonese Chinese restaurant on Pico, not too far from Venice, called "Hop LI" and it comes closer to anything I've had that reminds me of a Chinese restaurant I knew, loved and adored in Chinatown in Seattle years ago that closed down because the family decided it was time to 'smell the roses'. Good Chinese food is subjective but give this a try....who knows you may like it! They just remodeled their kitchen with 'state of the art' industrial stainless steel and their kitchen is most likely, as Chinese food kitchens go, the cleanest in LA....that's a big plus for me.
      I'm expecting a thumbs down from several on this board but Hey!....I did say good Chinese is in the eye of the beholder....right? :)

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        1. Try Hop Woo on Olympic in West LA. Good Cantonese and ask about the daily specials written in Chinese on the whiteboard in the dining room. I'm not sure if those are offered every day, or if they put them up just for the weekend. They tend to name some of these dishes with embellished titles. So if you don't read or speak the language, you'll need to ask for an actual description. We've been happy with the results.

          Lin's on Pico, just east of Barrington, has some good dishes, mostly Cantonese style as well, but they also do Shanghainese rice cakes with pork and bok choy, and some of their specials can be pretty good. My friends from New York who have visited here say this place reminds them of Chinese joints back home. They even put out the obligatory fried chow mein noodles with sweet chili dipping sauce. They tend to go easy on the salt, and are usually pretty generous with the proteins. The last special we had there was salt pepper fried tofu, which is prepared and served just like salted pepper shrimp. If this is the kind of dish you like, just ask. In fact, this goes true for just about anything. If you don't see it on the menu, ask. If they can make it, they will. Service is good as well. A tallish Chinese man with glasses named Peter is very attentive.

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                Hey, I freakin' love Panda Express -- that orange chicken is like crack.

                There are good places (as in tasty) but nothing authentic. Give Little Hong Kong on Sawtelle a try.

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                  I like Little Hong Kong Cafe and Hu's the best. Both are inconsistent, but when either is on, they're ON.

                  Hu's Szechwan Restaurant
                  10450 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034