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Nov 15, 2008 04:32 PM

Help! Late night Cafes in Calgary?

Hello Chowpeople.

I'm a grad student who just moved to Calgary from Montreal and my entire study scheme has been severely upset by the lack of establishments featuring wired-caffeine-study-geeks-at-2am (ie: my people).

Are there any coffee shops anywhere in the city that are open 24 hours, or at least until 11pm/12am-ish that have wireless access (preferably free) and lots of plug ins for my 'on-the-verge-of-crashing-battery-dead-for-two-years laptop?

I'm looking for something downtown or within 3-4 stops from the University on the C-train, but anything anywhere that comes close to the above description would be wonderful.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and will probably help me graduate!
Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Beano's open until midnight. I have no idea if it has wi-fi. Not on the c-train though.

    I think Higher Ground, which has horrible coffee unfortunately, is open most night until 11 and am fairly certain it has wi-fi. It's in Kensington so would definitely suit your requirements as to location.

    Calgary does not have the huge reserve of unemployed that you have in Montreal. This makes it very difficult for most places to remain open 24 hours.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      /agree with John... this is almost an impossible request to fill. I'm quite sure very few businesses in Calgary are open all night.

      1. re: John Manzo

        incidentally bmarsh your question might be better posed at the western canada forum at

        then there are your fellow 25,000 students at U of C to ask, too...

      2. I dont know of any cafes that are open that late. The first thing that came to mind would be the Dennys (yes I know, not the best by any standard) by Motel Village. You could see if you can access any of the hotels free internet from there.

        1. There is an internet cafe on 17th near Brava Bistro, not sure of hours but saw it the other day..

          1. The Roasterie is open until midnight, and sees a lot of freaks, buskers and bike couriers. I like the coffee, but I'm sure someone here will have bad things to say about it. It's very close to Sunnyside station. Dunno about wifi, but it is in a dense neighbourhood (wink wink). 314 10th St. NW

            Purple Perk is open until 10pm, and has free wifi. Much like the Planet coffee house that preceded it, you'll see lots of people on laptops there. It's not really close to the C-train, but you could walk from Erlton station. 2212 - 4th St. SW,

            Weeds is open until 9 or 10pm. It's pretty close to Lions Park and Banff Trail stations. I like the coffee, but the usual disclaimer applies again. It used to be a student/alternative hangout, but it's more of a neighbourhood place now. BTW they have beer! Not sure about wifi. 1903 20th Ave NW.

            Gerry's (formerly a Husky House), just south of downtown, is a diner, not a coffee shop, but it's open 24 hours. The coffee and food are both pretty bad, but I've never had the pizza Gerry's is "famous" for (heh). Probably no wifi. 5th St and 11th Ave SW.

            1. Not a coffee shop, but Oolong Tea House in Kensington is open until 11pm, Midnight Fri-Sat. I believe they have wifi as well.

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              1. re: ajy

                I love this board! Thanks so much for all of the great ideas.
                I will definitely check out
                Roasterie, Purple perk, Higher Ground and Oolong all sound perfect though.

                And Denny's is a brilliant last resort that I never would have thought of. I wonder if they'd mind me studying there. Thanks danniek.

                1. re: bmarsh

                  Hi bmarsh--

                  Has Denny's worked out with wifi access?

                  I'm a grad student too, and have been going to the beano for nearly 20 years (no haven't been grad student for that long -- i'm a late starter). As you've probably discovered, no wifi at Beano and closes early now Sun-Mon-Tues. The coffee there is not always terrific, depending on who's at the bar, but I like its atmosphere -- have written literally hundreds of pages there over the years.

                  Purple Perk no longer offers wifi -- or at least had stopped last year when i went in there one nite. They also always don't stick to their hours. HG is OK -- but the coffee does suck. I like Weeds, they have free wifi. Coffee's variable. Roasterie's OK -- tho I don't think there's wifi there, and thecrown can be a little weird. And there's no decent place to sit if you need to work for a couple of hours at a stretch.

                  1. re: occupant12

                    Kawa is open until 11 Thurs-Fri-Sat, free wi-fi, and the coffee is more than excellent.

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      ooh, i've heard of Kawa but i've never been there, is the coffee really that superior?

                      as a montreal ex-pat, I know exactly how you feel, eventually you get used to going to bed earlier... i guess...

                      1. re: hungryungry

                        Yep, but don't just take my word for it, check 'em out.