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Nov 15, 2008 03:28 PM

what to serve with baked beans

Just felt like making a batch of Boston baked beans, they will be ready for dinner tomorrow night, so now struggling with what to serve with them... I'm looking for something other than hot dogs...I'm making a brown bread, but still feels like it needs something else to round it out. Thanks

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  1. I love, love, love to serve beans with beans.

    I'd serve a mild chili con carne (maybe Dennisons), some Ortega frijoles, maybe some green bean casserole to make it healthier.


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    1. re: filth

      sounds deeeeelish, filth

      very sad I didn't bring baked beans on our lake Isabella camping trip. dang I knew I forgot things to add to the BBQ dinner for tonight.
      potato salad
      baked beans
      corn muffins
      pea arugula and mint salad
      bbq's chicken and pork ribs

      1. Grilled bison steaks, bison cheeseburgers, a very simple meatloaf.... meaning no exotic ingredients. Maybe a perfect baked potato. Lottsa great ketchup.

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          I've been waiting 5 minutes for lexpatti's response to show up in this thread.... where the heck is it?

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            I just walked in the house after being gone most of the day. :-)

        2. why not a great pulled pork? Pork and beans, yum!!!

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            Yes, pulled pork or baby backs!

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              I second the pulled pork suggestion. OR sloppy joes... which we always called "hamburg bbq". Another idea might be marinated grilled London broil.

              As Caroline said, I'll eat good baked beans with anything... I'll even eat them cold. My mother was dubbed the "bean queen" back in the day. I've eaten a lot of good beans.

            2. A nice green salad, nothing complicated with a good vinegrette to cut the richness of the beans. And a glass of hard cider !