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Nov 15, 2008 02:19 PM

tea kettle question?


I have a Dacor gas range with 6 burners. It has lots of power and I've just about ruined a Oxo teakettle with the high power from the burners. I'm planning on replacing it with a Le Creuset brand. I've been online doing some scouting work and I find their "Halo" kettle interesting. It uses the words "heat resistent" in the description. Does anyone have any info about it? What about the idea of a Le Creuset teakettle with my powerful range? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!



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  1. Have you considered an electric tea kettle? Faster than the stove, indispensable if you're a tea drinker, incredibly convenient. I discovered the joy of an electric kettle years ago when we were living in London, have not been without one since & use mine several times a day. You'll find listings + reviews on Amazon. Do check it out.

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      I'm with you, fauchon, I've got a Russell Hobbes aluminum electric tea kettle and I haven't put a kettle on the stovetop in years and we drink a lot of tea, Barry's mostly

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        i cant find these in the states at all! any idea where one can score a russell hobbes?

    2. Any of these enamel coated pots is going to get ruined eventually on these high powered burners. I had particularly bad luck with the Oxo, and even a LC model. If they didn't discolor permanently, they chipped on my granite countertop, no matter how gently I put it down.

      I finally gave up and went with an electric kettle, and I think I must have been living in a cave not to have tried this before. You can boil water incredibly fast with these things. If you don't want to go electric, try one that has a metalic finish and not one of those brighly colored, beautiful enamel models. They just don't seem to do well on these flat top ranges with high output.

      1. Call me a heretic, but I usually microwave my water. (I also have a Dacor gas range and occasionally boil water for tea on it, but I just don't turn the flame up too high.)

        1. We have quit carrying LC kettles. There are too many issues with the enamel on the inside flaking off

          Like the others I have an electric kettle I love. It is fast and convenient. I've retired my gorgeous Castle Copper from Ireland and my old classic Copco to the storage room. I have a 5 burner cooktop but the kettle was always in the way.

          1. You could look at the Simplex model, especially the one that is designed for faster heating on gas burners. Warning, though... you can really ruin the inside quickly if you apply heat to it without water in the kettle. Other than that, I think it should be a well made kettle.

            Also like the suggestion to get an electric kettle. I use a Chinese electric kettle both at home and at work.