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Nov 15, 2008 01:37 PM

Help - Dinner in Northampton

So I haven't been back home to Northampton in a couple years, and since then, I've gotten married. I'm looking to introduce my new wife to my extended family (none of them have met her) over dinner the Sunday night before Thanksgiving and I'm trying to figure out a good place to go.

I just learned the Del Raye just closed and I'm pretty bummed to say the least. Searching this board it sounds like there isn't much in the way of alternatives.

In short, I'm looking for some place that can handle a group of 8-10, has good service, and a varied menu, since no doubt some of my relatives are a little skittish around good food, but isn't going to be too dull. A good wine list is a must - its going to be a challenging evening to say the least.

No one has young children so that won't be a concern.


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  1. Congrats!

    An appropriate Northampton place *is* escaping me, but would you venture to Easthampton (Apollo Grill) or Sunderland (Blue Heron)? Both could handle the crowd (with call-ahead, of course) and both have a varied menu that even includes a burger in addition to more sophisticated entrees, and both have good wine lists. Even a bit farther afield in Greenfield, there's Hope & Olive, but I'm not sure re the distance and also the size of the crowd, there.

    1. northampton-proper is a bit tough, but the sierra grill might work. it's back in the old baystate hotel, the latest in the line of restaurants that have rotated through there. i'm not sure what their wine list is like, but the food & service are very decent. you can check their menu on line. and i can't remember the exact lay-out, but i'd think they cluld handle a party that size. good luck.

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        yeah, right when you walk through the bar and enter the dining room, on the right side, are a couple large tables that could seat 10

      2. It's pretty absurd for me to try to answer this question with very little knowledge of the Northampton scene but I've been to Green St Cafe a few times and LOVE it. I also recall seeing that they have a private room available, which could be nice. THe food is absolutely terrific, and although I've heard the owner can be a jerk, he's never been anything but sweet to me. Idiosyncratic and sweet.

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          The owner reminds me of Mr. Burns, in a good way.

        2. i would totally recommend Sierra. The menu is great for a mixed group since there are lots of ways to explore the menu - have just tapas, have something from the grill with sauce of your choice and sides of your choosing. The food is consistantly good. The wine list is excellent - too many good choices! And (something I love) you can get about 40 different wines by the glass, including a sample size glass. A great draft selection as well in case there are beer drinkers amongst you. There are a few options for large groups, but the place isn't that big, so definitely call ahdea. The owner, whose first name is o"Brien - will be very helpful.
          Have a great visit with your family!