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Nov 15, 2008 01:20 PM

Local Burger and Fries - Northampton

Anyone w/ any news or info on this place? I'm impatiently waiting for it to open - we could use a cheap and good burger place. I've witnessed Packard's burger go downhill over the last few years, till I could no longer justifying spending the $9+tip on them, and had an overdone burger at Les Gras that cost me $12.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I like the burgers at The Dirty Truth

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        1. re: mjoyous

          Next door to Fitzwilly's.

          Dirty Truth

          29 Main St
          Northampton, MA 01060
          (413) 585-5999

          1. re: Jeremy01506

            Had an excellent burger the other day at the smithsonian n hatfield. my daughter had an excellent bar pizza as well. i'd forgotten how solid their 1/2 LB angus burger is ($6.95 with fries).

              1. re: mjoyous

                i have also had a solid burger (7.99) at johnny's in the village commons in south hadley.


                i'm sorta more into burgers at lunch time, so i really appreciate those who serve then. i have not tried the kobe burger johnny's offers. has anyone?

                also, on weekends, the people's pint in greenfield is open for lunch. they have a very solid 1/4 LB burger for 7.75, and it's usually a bit quieter than it gets in the evening. as much as i like the place, i really have a hard time hearing anything there at night.

                for something a bit less dear, i always recommend the white hut in springfield -- classic, burger or dog lunch counter, with mounds of grilled onions on the griddle and no menu or anything. you can get either a burger (2.00), cheeseburger (2.25) or dog with raw onions, grilled onions and condiments + fries (1.30). greasy greatness and worth a visit if you've never been. more likely to pop up in the context of the roadfood board than here, but a lovekly stop when passing through springfield.


          2. re: Big Fat Moe

            My big frown on the Dirty Truth burger is that they put ketchup on it.. Regardless if they use homemade ketchup made with Dogfish Head 90min IPA I still feel it is sacrilege to put that stuff on a tastey burger made with fresh meat! Also I was sort of given a snobby attitude when I asked to not have it out on..

          3. also: does anyone know if the people behind LB&F are involved with any other eateries? i'd be curious to try 'em...

            1. had a burger there the other day. had the 1/2 pound, farm-of-the-week burger and french fries for 8$ and change. pretty good, but i was half asleep and couldn't really focus on it. more later when i go back.

              also: a small (but important) thing for me is having my bun toasted or warmed, and this bun seemed fresh from the fridge.

              The fried pickles were amazing. the outside was crispy, and the pickle maintained it's structural integrity and tang (as opposed to the only other one's in the valley that i've tried, ABC's flabby, grease drenched, fried pickles).

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              1. re: sneakyj

                I wholeheartedly agree on toasting/warming the bun! I never understand places that don't do this - cold bread does not taste as good as warm bread.

                1. re: fame da lupo

                  And burgers are even better when served on a bun that was grilled after basting with garlic butter, although I've never found one served that way other than in my kitchen.

                  1. re: fame da lupo

                    yes, i wish they would toast the buns too! please, local burger, please!

                2. I just got home from my first Local Burger meal...YUM. We got a burger with cheddar and mushrooms and a turkey burger with bacon and cheddar, plus fries on the side. It was about $18 with a soda. It was all really tasty and my burger was made with Chicoine Farm grass fed beef (Easthampton). The "local farm" burger is $5.99 and the regular burger is a dollar cheaper. Both types of beef are hormone- and anti-biotic free, and I am so happy to be able to get that quality of meat in a restaurant.

                  The onion rings looked ridiculous--obviously freshly made, not pre-made and frozen. Next time I'm getting those!