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Nov 15, 2008 01:09 PM

maria maria new restaurant

maria maria is owned by DSE and they use Carlos Santanas name this was the worst service i have ever had. the company DSE has put a lot of money into this place. it is a very nice restaurant. way over priced and worst service ever. im in the industy and i cant get over how bad the service was the server had only 3 tables and in the industy he did not cut it.

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  1. This restaurant has received media attention because of the Carlos Santana connection but what makes it interesting to me is that the former chef from Fonda San Miguel is one of the principals running this new chain. I'm interested in trying it but they just opened this week so I'll wait a few weeks for management to get adjusted to Austin.

    1. I love love love this place. I've been here a few times and it's never disappointed. The drinks are good, the 3 salsas they give you with chips are all excellent (my mouth is watering as I write this thinking of them) and the food is outstanding. The portions are perfect. You definitely won't leave hungry. The atmosphere is sexy with all the candles lit. Last time I was there they had a band and a few people were doing the tango. Excellent place. I'd highly recommend.

      1. I would completely agree with kevinyei. I was part of a group of 8 with 7:30 reservations on a Saturday night. When we arrived (on time) we were told our table was not ready so we all went to the bar. My husband and I each ordered a house margarita that was perfectly adequate but came with an unexpected $12 price tag. Over 45 minutes later we were still at the bar so a friend went to check on the table. Apparently, it had been ready for some time but no one had come to get it us. I dismissed this as mis-communication and looked forward to dinner as we were led to our table.

        We were finally seated in the VERY loud back dining room near the door to the kitchen. It was impossible to talk to anyone other than the person next you without screaming so that put a damper on our group outing. Then came the waitress. We sat for 20 minutes before she even made it to our table although we could only determine she had three other small tables. She returned 20 minutes with our drinks and we caught her as she was walking away so we could order before another 20 mins elapsed. At this point we have been in the restaurant for close to an hour and a half and still no food.

        We started with guacamole with crab and a trio of salsas with chips. Both were good but not great. My husband and I both ordered enchiladas. We couldn't believe when they arrived without rice and beans since they were $16 and $18 each (rice and beans can be ordered as a side for an additional charge). One of our friends had ordered his meal to accomodate a food allergy. His meal arrived and was not as ordered so he immediately sent it back. He did not get his replacement plate of tacos until after everyone else had completed their meal. Throughout the meal our waitress was less than attentive and had to be flagged down any time we needed anything. By the time we got our check it was after 10 and we were all happy to escape. We all left the place muttering that this was Austin, not Dallas!

        Maria, Maria is definitely a scene. If you are not ready to scream during your conversations, beg for service, and pay double for what your food and drinks are worth then stick with one of the many excellent locally owned Mexican restaurants we are lucky enough to have.

        1. Went there for lunch in March 2009 and are server was great and even the manager came by table and thanked us again as we were walking out. Drinks were almost pure liquor and one gal in our group got tipsy very quick. Atmosphere is fabulous. Food was good, but very pricey as expected in high end restaurants downtown. It was not crowded the day we went so perhaps that had a lot to do with it. It was raining and we got ready to leave and it started pouring so we ordered a round of coffee and tried to sit it out. We had previously settled our lunch bill so when we asked for the coffee check he comped it. The manager was top notch, very professional. I was very impressed. But as I stated I don't visit restaurants when they are jammin, so it may be a diffferent scene in that case.

          1. I would alos like to point out for those working downtown. No lunch specials. Pretty much a deal breaker for me, considering the regular prices are far from special.