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Nov 15, 2008 01:06 PM

BT Sandwich Deli !!! Squeezed-to-order lemonade and BANH MI in PINOLE !!!

Not only that … there are rice noodle soups, bun, rice plates, appetizers, desserts, pearl drinks.

I had a grilled pork banh mi which was on a nice toasted bun with a generous portion of thinly sliced pork, the tasty juices soaking into the roll. Standard toppings… shredded carrot, fresh jalapeno, cilantro, cucumber

The prices for banh mi are on the higher side, but half the price of someplace like Quizno or Subway with better everything and larger portions.

I was surprised when they pulled out some lemons, cut them in half and squeezed out the juice using a lemon press for the pleasant lemonde.

Haven’t been to Jamba Juice in a while, but I’m sure that the other juices and beverages at BT are less expensive than the Jamba Juice near TJ’s.

They use green takeout containers and cups. There’s a note on the menu about a 25 cent charge on take out orders ‘for the content’. Not sure what that means. I got a deal actually. They only charged me $5 for my lemonade and sandwich instead of $6.20. They said it was a special price.

There’s a small two seat counter by the window with loaded condiment trays that included sriracha sauce, fish sauce and a few other jars. A cooler on one wall holds desserts, salads and beverages.

There’s a very nice family running it. This is their first restaurant. The place is tiny, clean and cheery.

This was truly a case of the food gods directing me here. I don’t get up to Pinole much these days. I went the Pinole farmers market hoping a German baker I liked was there. He wasn’t. I had planned to go last week, but it was rainy. BT opened three days ago. If I went last week I would have missed it.

I might have even missed it had I not forgot to fill the tank and was looking for gas. It is across the street from a gas station in the strip mall that has the train engine outside. It is right next to the bar The Villa.

I put the hours on the Place link. When I saw the hours I was thinking … that’s not going to last … and talking to the owner, he mentioned that depending on how busy they are they might adjust hours. They will be open on Sunday tomorrow, but I’m guessing Sunday will be the first to go.

I put the menu in the first reply.

BT Sandwich Deli
1279 San Pablo Ave, Pinole, CA 94564

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    1. Chicken wing, fish ball, egg roll, fried wonton $3.95
    2. Fresh spring shrimp roll $3.95
    3. Shredded pork roll $3.95
    4. Vietnamese fried egg roll $3.95
    5. Deep fried chicken wings $3.95
    6. Fried fish ball $2
    7. Fried wontons $2
    8. Chicken salad with cabbage $6.75
    9. Shrimp salad with cabbage $7.50
    10. Shrimp chicken salad with cabbage $8.50


    (BTW … the cold cuts looked lovely)

    11. Combination pork $3.75
    12. Grilled Pork $3.75
    13. Grilled Beef $3.75
    14. Grilled Chicken $3.75
    15. Ham and egg $3.75
    16. Pate, pork cake $3.50
    17. Fried pork cake $3.50
    18. Shredded pork $3.50
    19. Ham $3.50
    20. Egg $3.25
    21. Beef stewed $7.25
    22. Curry chicken $6.50

    I wonder what those last two are all about


    23. Grill pork, fried chicken wing, egg roll egg with steam rice $8.50
    24. Grilled pork, shredded pork, egg with steam rice $7.95
    25. Grilled shrimp with steam rice $7.95
    26. Grilled shrimp, pork with steam rice $7.95
    27. Grilled shrimp, beef with steam rice $7.95
    28. Grilled shrimp, chicken with steam rice $7.95
    29. Grilled Pork with steam rice $6.85
    30. Grilled beef with steam rice $6.85
    31. Grilled chicken with steam rice $6.85
    32. Beef stewed with steam rice $7.25
    33. Curry chicken with steam rice $6.95


    34. Grilled shrimp over vermicelli $7.95
    35. Grilled shrimp, egg roll over vermicelli $7.95
    36. Grilled shrimp, pork over vermicelli $7.95
    37. Grilled shrimp, beef over vermicelli $7.95
    38. Grilled shrimp, chicken over vermicelli $7.95
    39. Grilled pork, egg rolls over vermicelli $7.95
    40. Grilled beef, egg rolls over vermicelli $7.95
    41. Grilled pork, egg rolls over vermicelli $7.95
    42. Grilled pork, shredded pork over vermicelli $7.45
    43. Shredded pork, egg rolls over vermicelli $7.45
    44. Fried egg rolls over vermicelli $6.85
    45. Grilled beef over vermicelli $6.85
    46. Grilled chicken over vermicelli $6.85
    47. Grilled pork over vermicelli $6.85
    48. Curry chicken over vermicelli $6.95


    49. Special combo shrimp, fish ball, wonton with rice noodle $7.95
    50. Shrimp, wonton with rice noodle $7.25
    51. Shrimp, fish ball, with rice noodle $7.25
    52. Shrimp, shredded chicken meat with rice noodle $7.25
    53. Shrimp rice noodle $7.25
    54. Won ton rice noodle soup $6.45
    55. Won ton soup $6.45
    56. Shredded chicken meat with rice noodle $6.45
    57. Seafood with rice noodle $7.25
    58. Beef stewed rice noodle $7.25
    59. Beef balls & fish balls rice noodle $7.25
    60. Fish balls rice noodle $6.45
    61. Beef balls rice noodle $6.45
    62. Beef balls soup $4.25
    63. Fish balls soup $4.25
    64. Beef balls & fish balls soup $4.25


    65. Halo halo combination been, jelly grass milk with coconut milk $3
    66. Red bean with coconut milk $2.85
    67. Yellow bean with coconut milk $2.85
    68. Thai ice tea $2.85
    69. Vietnamese coffee with ice and condensed milk or hot $2.85
    70. Vietnamese coffee with ice $2.50
    71. Fresh squeeze orange juice $3
    72. Fresh lemonade $2.25
    73. Soft drinks $1.25
    74. Pearls Taro $3
    75. Pearls Strawberry $3
    76. Pearls Honeydew $3
    77. Pearls Cantaloupe $3
    78. Pearls Lychee $3
    79. Pearls Mango $3
    80. Pearls Thai tea $3
    81. Pearls Coffee $3
    82. Pearls Mocha $3
    83. Hot tea $1.25
    84. Ice tea $1.25


    85. Mango shaved ice $3.50
    86. Strawberry $3.50
    87. Avocado $3.50
    88. Durian $3.50
    89. Jack Fruit $3.50
    90. Watermelon $3.50
    91. Taro $3.25
    92. Yellow bean $3.25
    93. Mocha $3.25
    94. Strawberry & banana $3.50
    95. Orange & banana $3.50
    96. Pineapple & banana $3.50
    97. Pineapple & orange $3.50

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    1. re: rworange

      Thanks for the info, it seems rto have sprung up almost over night. I drive past every day and it wasn't until I saw the sign outosde that I even noticed work being done.

      Its just about walking distance from work so I'm planning on checking it out later this week. I just worry about its location, until any businesses open in the Business Park I have to wonder where the trade will come from?

      1. re: rworange

        I stopped by today and the prices on the BAHN MI were repriced:

        11. Combination pork $3.00
        12. Grilled Pork $3.00
        13. Grilled Beef $3.00
        14. Grilled Chicken $3.00
        15. Ham and egg $3.00
        16. Pate, pork cake $2.75
        17. Fried pork cake $2.75
        18. Shredded pork $3.00
        19. Ham $2.75
        20. Egg $2.75

        I ordered the #12 and #14 to share with a co-worker. My tummy is happy now. There are few good sandwich options in the area. Except for The New Deli, I don't know where to get decent sandwiches for business lunch meetings. It will be nice having someplace new to order from.

        1. re: AntarcticWidow

          Glad you liked them. I really didn't begrudge them the prices, because the next banh mi stop is El Cerrito (I'm a little out of touch with the current El Sobrante banh mi scene). Hopefully though, the lower prices will lure the locals in. Pinole is a tough town as far as doing anything different.

          1. re: rworange

            I think the next stop would be Huong Tra in Richmond. I read somewhere that they serve them there, but have never tried them.

      2. Thanks for writing about this establishment, R-Dubya.

        Dropped in for lunch today and was delighted. Ordered the #12 (Grilled Pork Sand) and the #2 (Fresh Spring Roll) and took a seat at the short counter.

        The Spring Rolls (a pair of rolls, decent size) had a nice flavor and texture. It was your basic spring roll ingredient-wise. But the wrapper had the right texture and moistness. The noodles likewise. The shrimp wasn't dry. Sometimes when I order SR's elsewhere there an unsual aftertaste to them. These were "clean". I'd order them again.

        The sandwich was very nice. Again, it contained all the ingredients one expects. Very decent size roll. You are right that they put a generous portion of meat into it. I liked that the roll wasn't totally dried to Helena Handbasket like is so often the case. Had slight crunch but didn't crumble all over the place when you bit into it. Thanks for that. Could have had more cilantro but I'm sure I could have asked for it. A quaility Vietsand.

        I'm going back again this week for sure.


        1. Squeezed to order lemonade is the norm at Vietnamese restaurants, can't think of one I've been to that doesn't. And, yes, it will be a better deal than anywhere else.

          1. That was a good sandwich, so good in fact I also ate the one I bought to take home. Grilled Pork BANH MI for $3 is the way to go for me. It seemed quiet this afternoon, but I know when I have been driving past each evening after work that there always seems to be people around/inside the small little place.

            anyway I think that this place will be a regular stop for days when I'm out for a meeting and don't take my lunch to work.

            1. Yesterday, I had a office meeting to provide lunch for so I gave them my "test" and called in for six sandwiches ~ two each of the #11, 12, 14 and #56 (chicken noodle soup). Fifteen minutes later I had to call back to add two more sandwiches (#13) to the order. I got there twenty minutes later and everything was ready for me. When I came in the door, the young lady recognized me from the day before. After I paid and tipped, she brought my order around the counter and asked if I was thirsty. While I was saying "no-no-no" she bagged three cold sodas from the chiller. She handed them to me, saying "please, please take. Enjoy". I didn't want to insult her so I took them. I don't drink sodas but someone in the office will.

              I got back and unwrapped the sandwiches, cut them in half and plated them for the meeting. They must have enjoyed them because there were only three halves left (I over-ordered - oh my). After the meeting I set the extras out in the kitchen for public consumption and they disappeared quickly.

              The chicken soup was for my lunch. The noodles had shredded breast meat over the top and were packed in a foam container. The usual condiments ~ bean sprouts, cilantro, lime, jalapeno slices ~ were in a plastic bag, and the broth in a take-away plastic quart container. Hoisin sauce and sriracha were packed in little plastic cups.

              The broth was tasty and the condiments were fresh, but I thought the chicken was a tad dry. For me, the order was enough for two servings. I dished up half and saved the rest for lunch the following day. Overall, it was okay.

              The first day I went, they were preparing a large order (8-10 bun plates) for some lucky folks. Guess I will give those a try sometime. My office is just a couple of miles down the road (and full of hungry engineers!) I will definitely return for their sandwiches, but next time - NO SODAS.