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Nov 15, 2008 12:09 PM

Where can I find Rubashkin's Aaron's Whole Turkey in Los Angeles

Where can I find these in Los Angeles? I've tried calling different Trader Joe's and Whole Foods but no luck. Help!

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  1. It's gonna be hard to find a Rubashkins they are in a lot of trouble and are not koshering a lot of meat right now, they are broke and in a world of trouble with the feds. Try calling kosher butchers on Pico. I use Charlies Delicatessen. Normally I would tell you to ask for Herschel but he is sick right now, instead speak to Freddy.

    9124 W Pico Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90035-1321
    Phone: (310) 271-2472

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      wow, thanks for the info. I didn't realize they were having such issues.

    2. If you haven't found the Rubashkin turkey yet, I saw them at Cambridge Market (now Glatt Mart) on Burbank Blvd. and Whitsett this morning. They are $2.99 a pound.

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        I was just at Ventura Kosher meat in Tarzana today and they had Rubashkin turkeys.

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          Thank you so much. You replies have all been very helpful

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          But I don't know why you need Rubashkin, when other losher turkeys are available and significantly cheaper. Trader Joe's has kosher turkeys- OU, KAJ supervised, for $2.29/lb. That's a substantial difference in price.

          1. re: Kate is always hungry

            Those will be the last you see, then. Rubashkin's Agriprocessors closed down production yesterday.