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Nov 15, 2008 12:08 PM

How good is Pho 32?

My favorite pho is seafood pho served with a side dish of bean sprouts, chile peppers and coriander. The best I've had is in one of the Vietnamese places in the Seven corners area of Arlington, Va. Since I live in LI, my local favorite is Pho on Prince St in Flushing. Today, as I was driving through Bell Blvd, I noticed Pho 32 and saw it was crowded. Has anyone been there? What are you favs and most of all, do they have seafood pho? I also love summer rolls.

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  1. I go there quite often~ It's a nice place.. The pho is good, though do not expect traditional or typical pho.. There are no leaves of basil and more often than not, you will find lemons in place of limes.. However one key advantage is that they are SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner than any other pho place I've eaten in this city..
    The soup is very good, the pork chop is very good, the shabushabu is very good, the summer rolls arent special when ordered as an appetizer, but if you get the roll plate (which i usually do ) where they give you the roll paper, vegetables/spices, noodles and pork & shrimp and you roll them up your style by yourself, then they are remarkable~ And yes, they do have seafood pho.. as well as a great sauce and toppings bar~

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      Thanks for the info. I t seems good enough for a try.