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Dec 5, 2003 07:09 PM

Dan's Super Subs-What's the Big Deal?

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Tried Dan' Super Subs on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills after hearing raves about it in this group. Had Italian cold cuts. Very bland; ordinary roll; no herb spiced oil;no pickles; totally "plain vanilla". Sort of reminded me of the bologna sandwiches my mother used to make for me. In my opinion, doesn't hold a candle to Santoro's in Burbank. So, what's the big deal?

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  1. Dan's is ok, nothing special.

    Try Cavaretta's Italian Market on Sherman Way just west of Topanga for real Italian subs.

    Also DeFranko's on Woodley & Saticoy is good.

    Both of these are better than Dan's IMHO.

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    1. re: markn

      You're right about Dan's. It's just a bit better than Art's which has to be the worst.. I also think Matt and Tony's, on Sepulveda, deserves to be mentioned here.

    2. I'm with you, though I tried the tuna. I wondered why all the raves. For my sandwich dollar, Cavaretta's is a great deal and the place smells fabulous when you walk in as a bonus. I also like the more gourmet sandwiches at Blue Table in Calabasas (in the same shopping center as the Post Office, to the east of the Commons.)

      1. Right. I guess we can all come out of the woodwork now and admit we've never gotten what was so great about Dan's Super Subs.

        I used to live around the corner and never thought they were anything special.

        If it's still there, try Cricca's Italian place in the strip mall at Dumetz and Topanga - next to where Blinkies used to be. Sorry for the "old timer" directions, but I think Blinkies moved to Ventura.
        My sister swears by Cricca's Turkey sub.

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        1. re: Jurisdog

          I totally concur on both (1) Dan's being no big deal and (2) that Cricca's Italian place in the strip mall at Dumetz and Topanga is good esp for the price and the old time atmosphere.

          1. re: Jurisdog

            Blinkies is still on the north/east corner of Topanga and Dumitz.

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              The trouble with Cricca's is that unless you order before 11 AM they will invariably run out of a key ingredient (e.g. pastrami, rye bread, etc).

              1. re: Jurisdog

                Cricca's is indeed still there, still in the same strip mall and still near -- though not actually next to -- Blinkie's. (By the way, Blinkie's didn't move to Ventura Blvd.; rather, there is another Blinkie's there. Neither of the stores, however, is owned by the same folks who used to own the one on Topanga Cyn; they sold both stores several years ago. The donuts are still OK, but not as good as they used to be.)

                Back to Cricca's. Ron Cricca, who ran the place with his wife for about 100 years, is still at the counter; speak up, because Ron's a little hard of hearing. After his wife passed away a few years ago, his daughter and son-in-law came in to help him run the store. They revamped the menu to some extent, though all of the old faves are still there. They also expanded the hours of operation, and are now open on Sunday (though only until early afternoon).

                Cricca's has great sandwiches, and will make them however you want them. The "Belly Buster" is an excellent choice, as is the "Chubby's Special" and the "Italian Stallion." My wife swears by the smoked turkey (#21), to which she likes to add pepperoncini and artichokes for an extra buck. Their meatball is very, very good, and they put together pastrami sandwiches in several different ways -- what they call New York style and Cleveland style (Ron hails from Cleveland, though he's been in California since the 50s), and the "Al Capone," which is 2 full orders of pastrami on a big roll. I have never had the nerve, or the appetite, to try one, but I'm guessing it's pretty dang good.

                1. re: ozhead

                  I went to High School around the corner, and I have to agree Cricca's is the best. Now that I am in college I go out of my way to drive there. Ron and his family are very nice and the sandwiches are great. I have had almost every sandwich there and it only gets better, I strongly recommend this place!

              2. I have disagree with you guys. I have been searching for a good sandwich since I left Woodland Hills and its almost impossible.

                What makes Dans good in my opinion:
                1. The bread is fresh and for some reason the sesame seeds add something to the flavor.
                2. There is always just the right amount of meat and its sliced really thin
                3. The lettuce is cut super thin and is cold.
                4. The Italian dressing they add to most of the sandwiches, though its just straight Italian, adds to the overall.
                5. Its been there for years and Dan is a really nice guy that makes sure youre getting good service and everything you need.

                I havent tried the place youre talking about but I wouldnt have driven that far coming from Woodland Hills.

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                1. re: jeffthekid

                  I could not agree more. BTW I love the chicken salad sub.

                2. I agree....nothing special....their Italian taste just like the
                  one at TOGO's (which is cheaper)