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Nov 15, 2008 10:26 AM

Creative Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch on vacation is one of my favorite experiences.

I am looking for a place...preferably on the lower east or west or upper west side of the island (these areas for the vibe they give - not into stuffy upper east or commercial mid-town) that serves a creative Sunday brunch.

I am looking for pancakes and french toast that will blow my mind! I also want a place that is brunch and not just breakfast. Moreover, I am seeking a place that has that sunday brunch "feel" that everyone loves.

Any suggestions?! I always enjoy brunch at Extra Virgin on the lower west side... places similar to that would be great.



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    1. Best brunches in NY:

      Mind-blowing pancakes: Prune, Clinton Street Baking Company, Shopsin's (closed Sundays).

      Mind-blowing french toast: The Neptune Room, Balthazar, Pastis.

      Quirkiest: Prune, Shopsin's, Alias, Stanton Social, Blue Ribbon Bakery.

      1. I'm also a big fan of Extra Virgin's brunches, but the room gets too crowded for me. Other places I love for brunch are Cookshop in Chelsea and Perilla in the West Village. (It's not actually called "the lower west side")

        Hope you have a great trip and brunch!

        1. thanks - really wanted prune - but my friend forced me to go to sarah beths - so far from creative. looking forward to visiting these places on my next visit

          -pk, theculturephile.com