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Nov 15, 2008 10:25 AM


Hey everyone! I"m headed to Vieques next week and looking for resto recommendations. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has a great idea about where to dine in Fajardo if we have to wait for a ferry, that would be cool too.

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  1. Can't help you with Fajardo, but in Vieques I recommend Uva, Cafe Media Luna and Bili.

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    1. re: anabr

      I second Uva. I've heard good things about Cafe Media Luna but have never been. Bili is new for me.

      I used to love the restaurant at the Inn at the Blue Horizon a while ago. But it seems that it changed hands as the name was different last time I was there. Wasn't too fond of my meal. However, the setting was very lovely.

    2. We'll be there next week - which I guess is the week after you, Zoeg. In case you're checking your Chowhound from the island, our favorite was El Quenepo in Esperanza the last time we were there (last March).

      We also had a great meal at La Campesina the week before it closed. I had heard the owners were planning to reopen, does anyone know if they have?

      Oh, and a warning - stay far, far away from that "Mexican" place just down the road from the Blue Horizon, the place that also organizes tours. It's just nasty- we're talking Velveeta nasty!

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        So, to report back: La Campesina has not reopened, alas, but fortunately that horrible pseudo-Mexican joint has closed. El Quenepo is a good as ever - it's almost shocking to find such good food in such a remote location. This is a restaurant that could hold its own in a major city. We ate there three times during the week and loved every meal.

        Zoe, how was your trip foodwise?

      2. Does anyone have contact info for Cafe Media Luna? I tried calling and the number is disconnected. the number I tried is: 787-741-2594

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        1. re: hopey1canobe

          I'm not sure it's still in business - I picked up a copy of the 2009 edition of the Vieques map/guide when I was there last week and it's not listed.

        2. Hi, I live on the island and both Uva's and Media Luna are closed. On the north coast (isabel Segunda) there is Peter's (741-0269) and on the south coast (Esperanza) there is El Quenepo (741-1215). Right now for fine dining they are the 2 major players. The is also Island Steakhouse located at the Crow's Nest, mid island (741-0011)

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          1. re: Playa Cofi

            Would not recommend Peter's, he had a place in New Jersey, it was terrible there, can't imagine he learned to cook better when he ran away!

            1. re: stubelou

              A+++ Dined at Peters last week...two nights actually. Fabulous salad, delicious entree and 2 desserts that were better than anything I have ever tasted in my life. Carrot Cake and a Deep Dish Pie. Definitely would recommend. A bit higher in price...but far surpasses expectations. (wish I could go there now!)

          2. While you are there you should make sure you try Coconuts. My friend re-launched this place a few months ago and it has been getting a really great response. It is reasonably priced and they have a great chef working the kitchen.