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Nov 15, 2008 10:11 AM

urgent soup question!

I's using a recipe to make 3 quarts or veggie stock, but i decided to double it, since it's good to have on hand, and i have a 7 quart pot.

Veggies are roasted and everythings in the pot, but silly me never took into accound the HUGE amount of space that the veggies take up. I can only fit 3 quarts of water, rather than 6 now.

What do I do? Can't let any veggies go to waste, and don't have another big pot.


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  1. Can you puree the veggies and then simmer and reduce before adding the water? Or possibly refrigerate/freeze some of the veggies for use later, or in something else?

    1. take half the veggies out, and make it in 2 batches

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        That's kind of my plan, but the first batch now already has water from deglazing the roasting pan and other seasonings... i guess one batch will be way strong, the other weak, and when I combine them it'll even out?

      2. You could also keep adding additional water as the stock simmers down.