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Nov 15, 2008 09:58 AM

Asking about zwilling knives

I would know the diferences between the trademarks J. A. Henckels international and Zwilling J. A. Henckels.
And I would like get some opinions about the knives of these trademarks.

I've seen on the internet that Arcos (a spanish company that manufactures knives ) manufactures knives to Zwilling. Is it true? If it is true, what series manufactures Arcos?.

Sorry for my mistakes, I'm spanish and my level of English is low.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. as far as I know J. A. Henckels international is the lower end of the henckels knives and they are not forged the zwillings (there are various lines) are forged) but I don't know anything about who/where they are manufactured!

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      1. re: qwerty78

        Thank you for your reply.
        J. A. Henckels has a model forged, it's 'classic'.
        I know that J. A. Henckels is lower than Zwilling but why? The materials, the finish?
        Zwilling has also models stamped. 'signature' for example.

        1. re: iceman_f5

          I'm not sure the nuances of the lines. I've used (but do not own) the pro s series and have found that they are quite similar in weight feel as my wusthof classics which I am very attached to.

          1. re: qwerty78

            Do you think Wusthof is a better option than Zwilling?
            Which of each one has better quality-price ratio? (I don't know if this question is done correctly, if you don't understand that, tell me).

            1. re: iceman_f5

              I'd give a slight advantage to Wusthof, but they're very close. For me, it really comes down to blade shape.

              IMO, though, you're better off with a Japanese knife than a German one for the same money. If you can accept the lighter weight, I'd look at a Shun Classic or a Global. If you want the heft of a German knife... perhaps take a look at a Misono UX-10 gyutou.

              1. re: sobriquet

                I've seen that Global is cheaper than Zwilling, at least here in Spain.
                But Zwilling does offer for Christmas. So I'm waitting to see these offers.

                I don't know the Shun knives or where buy it in Spain.
                I like the shape of the Japanese knives blade, is slimmer that the German knives.
                Thank you.

      2. I use the logo to tell which is which.

        J. A. Henckels International logo is 1 guy holding a spear. This is the lower end and mostly made in China.

        Zwilling J. A. Henckels is the one with the "TWIN". This is the higher end and are manufactured in Germany.

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        1. re: pabboy

          I need to know the differences in quality.
          I know that the logo is different.

          Not all the series of Zwilling are manufactured in Germany. Some of them are manufactured in Spain, but I don't know which are manufactured in each place.

          1. re: iceman_f5

            I would stick to the following lines: TWIN Select, Four Star, Four Star II, Five Star, and Pro "S". These are the forged lines but the handles and weights are all different so it would be a matter of preference. I had initially liked the look of the the twin select, however the handle was much to heavy for my liking. the pro S is more traditional looking.

            I chose the wusthof classic over the henckels bc of the feel in my hand and bc I had better personal references to that line. They are also readily available. In the end, most people will suggest that you try the knives out in your hand and then decide which ones you like the best- but if the spanish knives are more readily available, maybe try those out and you'll find something local that fits your needs?

            1. re: qwerty78

              The German knives are better than the Spanish one. I already have Spanish knives (Arcos forjado aleman), and I'm looking for any better.
              The Japanese knives are very expensive for me.
              So I'm thinking in buy some German knives, and the shops that I know told me that for Christmas, Zwilling does promotions and I could buy a set cheaper.
              For Wusthof I would need to look for any shop that sell it.

              1. re: iceman_f5

                I have a henckels zwilling twin signature santoku. It's a nice knife, made in Germany (2 men, I think 1 means its made in espana), and has a nice edge. Keep in mind that this is a stamped knife, not forged, and a little on the light side. Depending on your cooking needs, this might be an issue. I've got a Wusthof grand prix model too, along with a bunch of others. If you're looking for a more hefty German style knife, consider the f. dick premier chef's knife. I have an 8-inch and it really feels well balanced in my hand. F. dick is cheaper than either Wusthof or Henckels (depending on the line), but I like it at least as well as the others. If you really want a bargain, check out Forschner, also stamped and a little light, but very nice. Messermeister Meridian elites are nice too, but a little pricey. My call for a great everyday chef's knife would be the f. dick. Don't buy a set, spend your money on a really good chef's knife, which will handle almost all your cutting. If you want to splurge, add a bread knife and maybe a paring knife.

                1. re: chuckl

                  2 mens means Zwilling, 1 man means Henckels international.
                  I think too Henckels is manufactured in China or Taiwan.
                  But I know that some Zwilling series are manufactured in Spain. But I don't know which.
                  If I buy a set it will be a set of three knives (chef, paring and slicing).
                  Forschner is Vistorinoz in Europe. It's a good trademark but I don't know where to find kitchen knives of this trademark.

        2. Try this website:

          "Zwilling" means "twin" in German and is the trademark used by the Henckels company for its premium brands. I believe all or most of those are manufactured in Germany. "International" denotes their lower-cost lines manufactured in other countries, including Spain, Brazil, and China. Some of the International items are advertised as made from German steel, though the manufacturing process takes place elsewhere.

          All that being said, my favorite German knives are the Wusthof Classics. They seem to me to be well made, I like the shape of the blade, and they're more comfortable in my hand than the other German knives I've tried, including Henckels, Messermeister, and F. Dick. But knives are a very personal item, and I know many people who swear by Henckels.

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          1. re: Miss Priss

            I think that Arcos (Spanish) manufactures some series to Zwilling although nobody have assured me that it's like that. And I think that Arcos has enough technology to manufacture the Zwilling knives. Look its products here
            Wusthof Cassic looks more comfortable than Zwilling Profesional S, but Zwilling Cuisine looks more comfortable even.

            I'll wait for the christmas offersm but I probably buy Zwilling or Global. These are the trademark easy to find for me because I would like to feel and see the knive before of buy it.

            Thank you to everybody for your replies.