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Nov 15, 2008 09:47 AM

One more knife question- What are your favorite knives?

What are your most often used, couldn't-live-without knives? What about special knives you love, even ifyou don't use them regularly?

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  1. you could do practically anything with an 8 inch chef's knife as long as it's sharp.

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      Yes, I agree. This is related to my other post which I think you kindly responded to. If I have an 8" Chef's knife, what would I use a Santuko knife for?

      1. re: ejpnyc

        santokus don't have a pointy tip and have a flatter belly. I find them useful for most chopping and sometimes very fine slicing, since the blades tend to be thinner than on a chef's knife. i think they're interchangeable in most cases, but if you're say dismembering a chicken you'd might find the pointy tip comes in handy. Also, since the blades aren't as thick some santokus aren't as sturdy as a heavy chef's knife.

    2. I use my 8" chef's, a paring knife and my steak knives, which double as utility knives. Shun is my favorite brand, but brands are really a personal thing. A bread knife is a must even if you don't find yourself slicing bread frequently. I recommend the Victorinox 10" bread knife, which cost about $20.
      I also own a cheap tomato knife thinking it would be useful, but it's really just a waste of money if you have other good knives.

      1. We have a 6, 8, and 10 inch chef knives. I use the 8 inch most often, while the husband uses the 10 inch. However, I do find that the 6 inch comes in handy with more tricky slicing and dicing.

        All care kept well honed and professionally sharped yearly.

        1. 8" chef's knife for sure... I also am in the minority with my total dependence on paring knives-- I have about three that get used almost daily.

          1. 8 inch chef's, 9 inch slicer, six inch serrated for small bread and bagels. I also use my paring knives, a 9 inch bread knife and a six inch Santoku on occasion, but the first three are used most often, in that order.

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              8" Chefs knife. I'm getting a nice one for xmas, as it's practically all I use.