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Nov 15, 2008 08:34 AM

Langdon Hall?

Anybody been recently, I know the chef so I'm not worried about the food, but am interested to know if there are any nice restos in the area for lunch. Also, any good shopping tips? I'm taking my husband away for the weekend to celebrate 10 year of (mostly) wedded bliss with NO KIDS for two nights! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The two restos worth checking out that I've heard about in Cambridge are 2o Hobson and Blackshop. I've filed these away for future reference, haven't been myself, so hopefully someone else can tell you more.

    Hope you enjoy your anniversary weekend!
    Let us know where you end up and how it goes.

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        OK, I'm sensing a theme here...blackshop also has goulash and schnitzel...

        1. re: likescrab

          Having lived there for around 8 years, I can say that despite the universities nearby K/W/C is home to some of the most conversative eats in a major city area. In addition, most restaurants will add some German and Central European items on their menu due to local expectations.

        2. re: JamieK

          We had one meal at 20 Hobson St last summer. Since it was a private event, it may not be fair to generalize the experience to the main restaurant. However, the food was from the regular menu. In short, everything was edible, though nothing was especially great or memorable.

          While the food was adequate, the service was abominable beyond description, in every possible respect, from beginning to end. The problems, which were many, varied, and all encompassing, were caused by mismanagement.

          We could not blame the litany of things that variously happened, or didn't, on the service staff. Indeed, we felt sorry for them - especially for the waiter who had been hired, with no previous restaurant experience, that very day, and who turned out to be underage for serving liquor (the meal included wine in addition to guests' individual bar orders). They provided one experienced server and that poor waiter for a pre-booked event with about 60 guests. It was a distressing mess. We would never return.

          BTW, this place, while large and centrally located, is almost impossible to find without explicit directions.

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            Thanks to all for your tips. Keep 'em coming!

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              I have had about 5 meals 20 hobsin both food and service are fantastic next to Langdon Hall and Verses it's one of the best restaurant and in the K-W cambridge area.

              "OK, I'm sensing a theme here...blackshop also has goulash and schnitzel..."

              Well obviously it's located near Kitchener home of Oktoberfest. Large German population in the area.

              1. re: Jab05

                See, I'm German, so I'm digging it. Not clued in to the area at all, kind of a Toronto downtown chick, although I did go to school in Stratford, but our main focus was French cuisine....although I must say I am making a pretty mean sauerkraut these days.

        3. I've been there many times but actually never ventured out to eat anywhere . I don't know the area that well. Food at Langdon is fantastic.
          I'd say enjoy the spa, afternoon tea ( or warm ciders by the fire) hike on the trails, or if you like antiques, there are few interesting shops nearby ( staff there are helpful). Bring a good scrabble or some other fun game, ssince it is your anniversary ( wink wink, nudge, nudge).
          Have a happy one!

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   Always had amazing dinner's there and they are open for lunch.

            1. re: Jab05

              Thanks all! Will report back. nudge nudge say no more..