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Nov 15, 2008 07:49 AM

Plymouth Meeting

Picking up college daughter at a bus stop at Plymouth Meeting Mall the evening before Thanksgiving. Will need to grab dinner before we finish our journey over the river to grandma's house in New Jersey. Looking for a place with excellent cheese steaks and pasta dishes. Any suggestion? No chains please. Thanks.

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  1. If you want a good cheese steak, head over to Pudge's! It is about 10-15 minutes away from the mall, in Blue Bell.

    I'm not sure where the bus stop is, but if you head down Germantown Pike, go to Walton Rd (or Jolly Rd), which will take you to Township Line Rd. Turn left and keep driving until you reach Rt 202/Dekalb Pike. Turn right, and soon you will see a very, very small shopping center on your right, with a produce market in the front. That's where Pudge's is.

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      Second the Pudge's idea. Love that place! I get mine with mushrooms, and they put a lot on, and my friend John likes his cheesesteak with roasted peppers.

    2. Pudges has great cheesesteaks but does not have pasta dishes. Dolce Luna is in the shopping center just north of Pudges. The serve a decent cheesesteak (not as good as Pudges) but also serve pizza and a wide range of pasta dishes.

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        thirding Pudges, best Cheesesteak outside of Philly and rates a big 5 out of 5 in my book. Little dumpy inside, but who cares when you take your first bite.

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          So true Iam! Maybe their new digs in the shopping center next door will be plusher, but I generally get mine to go and eat it at alternate universe two doors down while I am playing cards. :)

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          I've got to put a thumbs down on Dolce Luna. The cheesesteak is nowhere near Pudges. The pizza is about the worst I've had in Montgomery County and the pasta is usually overcooked. My take on Dolce Luna - pass by!

        3. Maria's Pizza and Pasta on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken. Its a few blocks from the highways.

          1. Farther West on Ridge Pike (Trooper/Jeffersonville) is Gino's Italian BYOB. Great sit down Italian meals. Take out pizza and sandwiches as well, but meals are excellent.

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            1. re: EastPA

              Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I can always count on chowhounders! Maria's Pizza sounds promising. How far from the Schuykill(not sure if I spelled that right) Maria's is? Or is there anything right there at Plymouth Meeting Mall? Thanks again everyone!

              1. re: Rheta

                PM Mall: Redstone grill, PF Changs, Cali Pizza kitchen. Close by - Macaroni Grill, Ruby Tues, Cracker Barrel, Outback (all less than 1 long mile)

                1. re: EastPA

                  Great suggestions as far as chain restaurants. As far as chains they are pretty good especially PFChangs and CPK. We have plenty of chains here in Metro Detroit so would like to stay away from them when we are in the east. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

                2. re: Rheta

                  Thanks again everyone for all the suggestions! Checked out the map and it looks like Maria's pizza is pretty easy to get to from PMM. So I think that's the one! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

                  1. re: Rheta

                    Last I heard Maria's was closed for renovations, so you might check. I would also suggest Redstone American Grill @ Plymouth Meeting Mall. Although it's a chain, their burgers are supposed to be really good, and their service is great. Everything I've had there has been good.

                    1. re: Jdbc

                      Thanks, I appreciate the info. I'll give them a call. When I lived in Minneapolis, I went to Redstone quite often. I really enjoyed it. But we have to have cheesesteaks. We left the Philly area 20 years ago so when we visit, we have to have our cheesesteak fix. thanks.

              2. I think your best bet is to head down Germantown Pike, into Lafayette Hill, and go to From the Boot. Good pasta, good pizza, BYOB, not pricey. I think you'd enjoy it.