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Nov 15, 2008 07:05 AM

Chicken fingers in NYC

How is it possible that no one on Chowhound has ever dedicated a post to chicken fingers? We are not talking chicken wings--no bones wanted. For instance, we love UFC in Queens: but there are the bones. Old Town's fingers--fine but forgettable; don't ask me about Acme; Ziggy's on 3rd Avenue has a good finger, I think, but always and only do I find myself there at four in the morning--I'd appreciate some back up on that one. Also curious about Royale's version, but it is hard to stray from the burger and so I have never tried them. New Yorkers: show me your fingers! (I've cross posted in "The Best")

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  1. this is not an answer to your question, but boy am i glad that you posted this it. in fact, last night this dawned on me. as i was falling asleep, i bored DH with "i wonder where you can get the best chicken fingers?" looking forward to replies.

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      "The Kosher Marketplace" on the Upper West Side, they make them with panko crumbs - a religious experience! I don't know if they call them "fingers" but they have them often in their prepared foods section. (They Miso Glazed Tuna is also good). Avoid this place on Fridays after 11AM when it is PACKED!

      Enjoy (and report back)!!!

    2. Agree with Ziggys. Surprisingly, Lucky Chicken on 22nd and 1st has good fingers too.

      1. The fingers at Royale are awesome. How could you not get both them and the burger? The total would still be under $10!!

        1. Yura has excellent ones, but it's not much of a sit down place - more to go.

          1. Chicken fingers were the only food I ordered at Yankee Stadium. We'll see if the food improves at the new place.