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Nov 15, 2008 06:59 AM

Thai Palace, Fishkill?

Has anyone been to this place?

Its in the little strip mall across from the Golds Gym Plaza in Fishkill where Captain Cliff's used to be. I've been meaning to stop by to check it out, but havent gotten around to it. Would love to hear any feedback!!!

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  1. This place is great. We've gone there several times. The food is by the far the best that we've eaten here in the hudson valley. We have a favorite thai restaurant in Long Island, Lemonleaf Grill and this is a close second. The quality of the food is consistent, it's great every time we go there. Unlike some other thai restaurants around here. The owners are very friendly and the service is fast. Definitely a place to go!

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    1. re: vpedrozo

      I finally went the other day for take out. Had the chicken kra - pow... It was ok. Nothing to write home about.

      Asked for it extra thai spicy (What can I say - I love it when Im practically crying its so hot) -and it was only mildly spicy. Portions were good. Service was fast & friendly. I'll go back - for the convenience and perhaps to try something else on the menu. Overall I preferred Sukothai in Beacon - but its a bit more out of my way.

      Still haven't been completely sold on any of the Hudson Valley thai places...yet.

      1. re: kforkelly

        I enjoyed the Thai House in Hyde Park. I actually liked it better than Sukothai.

        1. re: Solstice444

          I second that! I think the quality of their food is getting better than it first opened. least the plating is definitely improved from what it used to be....

          The one near Vassar College is also worth a try if you've never been.

          1. re: moosesocks

            I've heard that one and also the Indian place on the same road are good. I definitely have to try both of them.

            1. re: Solstice444

              Yes. Tanjore Indian. Go for the lunch buffet!

        2. re: kforkelly

          Sukothai is hit or miss. We've eaten there where the food was delicious and other times we wonder why we go back.

      2. I was looking for Captain Cliff's. I was told they opened up a new place around there, anyone know?

        1. Thai Palace is the only place in the Hudson Valley that provide delicious authentic thai dishes. Although I live in Beacon, I make it a point to dine in at least once aweek as their food is so delicious and the food reminds me of my years in Thailand(good memories).
          My food experience with Sukothai in Beacon was extremely bad that I wouldn't recommend Sukothai to anybody.

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          1. re: vipat

            I'm curious as to what you found wrong with Sukhothai? I've been there twice and enjoyed it both times. Was it the food, the service, both?

            I've also enjoyed Thai House in Hyde Park, although that's a bit of a hike from Beacon. I still have to get around to trying Thai Palace.