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Nov 15, 2008 06:41 AM

ISO Asian Sesame Balls filled with sweet red bean paste

I am new to Austin and am very frustrated. I have been looking for an asian bakery that sells sesame balls with sweet red bean paste and thought it would be no problem especially if I hit the MT Market up on N. Lamar but they did not have them nor could they direct me to any place that did.

I am looking for a bakery so that I can by the at a reasonable by the piece price rather than through a restaurant as they tend to be quite a bit higher if you are buying say a dozen.

There is a great asian bakery in Dallas where I am from that has incredible things and is dirt cheap but have had no luck finding its counter part here in Austin.


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  1. I often see them at MT supermarket at the tables in the front-center of the store.

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    1. re: sqwertz

      I have been there on multiple occasion and never have seen them and recently found someone that spoke enough English and was told they do not carry this item any longer but could not tell me where I could find them.

      So if anyone knows of another location please let me know.

      1. re: BigJ

        Asia Market, home of the beloved Asia Cafe has them near the cash register in the front. I believe they're 75 cents a pop. Could be wrong though

        1. re: ktown378

          The ones at Asia Cafe are really, really good. I've also had them served at that Dim Sum place out by Highland Mall. Those were even better. HTH!

      2. re: sqwertz

        I know that I have had them regularly at dim sum at Shanghai. Maybe you could special order them on non dim-sum days? They're really good, but also the only ones I have had, so I really don't have anything to compare them to.

        1. re: foodiegal71

          Chinatown also has them in their desserts cart during dim sum.

      3. shanghai dim sum serves them with their regular dim sum fare on weekends. you can order them a la carte on weekdays during lunch time. imho go on the weekday to order so they are freshly fried.

        there are no asian bakeries in austin, that i know of.

        1. I'm surprised there's this much trouble finding them. Every time I've been to MT they have them. Also the old My Thanh (did it move?) always had 'em. Seems like that Asian Supermarket near Din Ho has them too.

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          1. re: taliesin15

            i thought MT was the old My Thanh.

            1. re: taliesin15

              I was there on Saturday and they had 4 trays of them. I don't why this person was told they don't carry them. It probably depends on what their bakery decides to deliver that day, which varies.

            2. Hey!
              I'm in Dallas...what is the great asian bakery that you're talking about? I would love to find it!
              Thanks so much! Good luck in Austin!

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                I cant remember the name but it is inside the big Asian market at Forest and I think it is audelia. You go into the doors on the right and I think it is the first stall. They have I guess you would call it a food court type of setup and the first stall is a bakery which is very reasonable and excellent. I highly recommend there sesame balls with red bean paste and there coconut/pineapple buns. The last stall is a great Chinese BBQ spot. Then there is a glassed in actual restaurant but I have never eaten there.