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What is the best go-to Absinthe in America

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I'm not looking for something strange and rare but rather something decent and reliable to add to the cabinet, especially for making cocktails.

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  1. Lucid is widely available, has good flavor and is excellent in cocktials. (I use it for all of my Sazeracs).

    If you are looking for something with a little more umph, to drink on its own, St. George is excellent.


    1. By far my favorite American release has been Marteau. Bright, herbal ... I want to rinse my hair with it.

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        This is new right? I've heard of it but haven't seen it anywhere yet. Where can you get it?

      2. Since I'm not an absinthe or pastis/anise fan by any means, I have one bottle of Herbsiant for making sazeracs that will probably last the rest of my life. I'm wondering, does anyone like this stuff enough to actually finish a bottle in their lifetime? I just can't see drinking any substantial quantity of this type of thing. Just wondering what others think of this family of spirits...

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          I have a bottle of Kubler Absinthe that I like quite a lot. I've only tried Lucid and Kubler but personally prefer the Kubler. As for anise/pastis I like the flavor. It generally isn't a go to drink for me, but I like having it every now and then.

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            Hersaint is not Absinthe, of course, but I, too, have a bottle of Herbsaint to use in my Sazeracs. Additionally, I also have a bottle of Ricard pastis that I end up replacing approximately once a year -- I find a Pastis (over ice, with water) to be a perfect hot weather refresher . . .

            OTOH, I am also in the process of exploring Absinthes, but have yet to establish a favorite.