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Nov 15, 2008 06:36 AM

Authentic Mexican in Columbus, OH - yes it exists

La Michoacana market and restaurant
2175 Morse Road

I'm not from the area but I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago and I remembered there was this store front restaurant where my mother often goes for Mexican ingredients. This place won't win any awards for ambiance but the food is the real deal. This place serves food more easily found in cities with high concentrations of Latinos such as San Diego and Chicago. For lunch, I had the chicken soup (you can also get beef) that was simply a big bowl of incredibly flavorful broth, with two chicken legs, a wedge of cabbage, two pieces of corn on the cob and a couple wedges of chayote. This was served with a side of limes, cilantro and onion and a hot pile of flavorful corn tortillas. This is simple, home-style cooking at its best. My wife had one chicken and one veggie taco served in soft corn tortillas. My mother had two pork tacos that had little bits of pineapple in it and a side of rice and refried beans. I didn't taste the tacos since I had a lot to handle with the soup but they both really liked their food. My meal was washed down with a cold glass of horchata (yeah kind of a strange combo, hot chicken soup and cold horchata). This place is largely frequented (judging by the clientele that afternoon) by Latina moms with their kids who are doing their weekly grocery shopping, and young single Latino men. On your way out, stop by the store and pick up a tub of authentic mole oaxacueno (I like La Soledad brand) that will blow away any mole you get at the regular grocery store (i.e. Goya)

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  1. My personal favorite is Cuco's Mexican Taqueria and Grill-2162 West Henderson Rd. Great service and food always-very family friendly!!