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Nov 15, 2008 06:03 AM

FYI: Tristate restaurant gift certificates on sale at

There are some restrictions, but on, $25 gift certificates can be had to many local restaurants (West/Putnam/Rockland/NJ/CT) for $10, or $10 gift certificates for $3, along with other denominations. Many have a minimum $35 purchase, along with no Fri/Sat nights.

I am eyeing John Michael's up in North Salem, which I know some CHers spoke highly of... they have $100 gift certificates for $40, $75 for $30, and other denominations.

Here's my search from Ossining:

Search also from the main page from your zip,

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  1. Have you ever used these certificates?

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    1. re: debmom

      I've never bought one, but co-workers use the site religiously for places they like. I'm told they never have a problem @ the restaurants and they get great deals.

    2. I've never tried them personally- I read about them on another website, where people cited good experiences with them. Just thought I'd give the heads up in case people were interested in trying.

      1. mediterranean grill in wilton ct is on there and jfood likes but the restriction is Sun-Thurs. great deal for mid-week though

        1. I have used these at several restaurants in the area--Churrasquiera Ribatejo in Ossining, Cafe le Bouchon in Cold Spring (although they don't accept them on weekends now), and the German restaurant in Highland Mills. I bought one, but haven't used it yet, for Grappola Locanda in Chappaqua. Once you sign up, they frequently run specials at another 50 or 60% off, so the $25 coupons cost only $4. I think it's great.

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          1. re: Marge

            I had lunch at Grappola Locanda with one of these coupons and it was ok. Overpriced even with the $10 off.

            1. re: Marge

              how was your meal at churrasqueria ribatejo? I had a really sub par meal there, but wondering if I just ordered badly.

              1. re: adamclyde

                We actually went just last night and had the best meal we've had there in some time. We started with the cod cakes, which were crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, not at all oily, and delicious. We had a whole chicken and the gambas a la casa--huge (head on) shrimp in a wonderful garlic sauce. Accompaniaments of rice and beans, homemade potato chips, and broccoli with garlic. We have been going there for years, and although the food is usually very good, they do have some off days. What did you have that was sub-par?

                1. re: Marge

                  I can't remember everything, but the chicken was overcooked, the octopus salad was tastless and rubbery (beyond normal) and everything else seemed really bland. I was there for lunch though and, based on your experience, may have been an anomaly. I should probably give it another try...

                  1. re: adamclyde

                    If you like octopus salad, the BEST imo, is at Doca's on Main Street in Ossining. The octopus is imported from Portugal, and they mix it with sweet onions, fruity olive oil, red wine vinegar--really good! Getting back on topic though, I would recommend getting a coupon for Churrasquiera Ribatejo and trying it again!

                    1. re: adamclyde

                      I had some chicken from there a couple of visits ago that are overcooked. And one time the potato chips (fries) were soggy. I went there with some co-workers once and they ordered the octopus and said it was really good (I don't eat it so I can't comment on it).

                      It's so cheap with the certificate that I am willing to overlook it so long as it doesn't happen all the time.

              2. Barcar in Fleetwood is on here! I would totally get it! But i haven't heard any recent experiences.... how are they doing?