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Why is "no cheese" on a burger so weird?

First off--I love cheese...all types. Cheddars, Blues, Stiltons, Parmesans, etc, etc. But I DO NOT like cheese on my burger! Lately I've been getting more and more strange looks from every place I go to from local eateries to Ruby Tuesdays to Macs and Wendies when I order a burger with the works but no cheese. Maybe it's because it's a huge profit item for them to push "cheeseburgers". I don't know. But am I in such a minority?

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  1. I don't like cheese on my burger either but have never got, or never noticed strange looks. I'm pretty sure nobody cares if you have cheese on your burger or not.

    1. I'm in your minority. I always order a double cheeseburger at Mcd "with no cheese." Same at Wendy's. We have the 99c double stacks that come with cheese from Wendy's here. I always order them with no cheese. Same with egg mcmuffins. I do like cheese, but I really can't stand that orange glop that a lot of places use. It smells funny, it tastes like salt, and, well, it's just not cheese. At the diners, I aways order a patty melt - swiss. Sorry, but American cheese is really just gross to me. I'm really not a picky eater at all. Most of the things I refuse to eat are mainly the processed "food" that is basically some chemical concoction. American cheese falls into that category for me.

      Here's a funny thing I do once in a while:
      Go into mcdonald's, ask how much a double hamburger would be. I think they always say like 1.49 or something. Then, I'll say "ok, give me a double cheeseburger, hold the cheese." And it's 99 cents. Holding the cheese at mcd's is also a good way to get a fresh item, and lose a whole bunch of sodium/fat out of your order without giving up any real flavor.

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        Asking for no salt on your fries is also a good way to make sure you get a fresh batch :)

      2. I can't stand cheese on sandwiches (or for breakfast, for that matter), so I never order a burger any other way. OTOH, I also haven't gotten a burger at a fast-food place in well over a decade. I did get one at Ruby's not long ago; no funny looks there.

        I agree that the cheese-on-everything mentality has gotten out of had; and it's usually awful cheese, to boot!

        1. I NEVER order cheese on a burger. And I don't put ketchup, mustard or anything else on it (ok, sometimes a little mayo and some onions) No other rabbit food! Same with my hot dogs, and I drink my coffee black! So I figure folks out there owe me about $15,000 for all the $$$$$$ they have saved at my expense over the years. At least they charge extra for cheese! And even though I now live in the Philly area, I get my Cheesesteaks without cheese (but I do like onions and peppers!)

          LOL.so if we are going to re-distribute the wealth, you can email for an address to send the checks!

          Seriously, I don't know why folks look askance at plain burger people.

          1. I don't think you're weird at all. I rarely order cheese on burgers out, as it usually is that tasteless "processed cheese food" junk. There are a few burger places around me that actually put fresh grated cheddar on the burger, but they add it as a condiment, and it doesn't really get melted onto the burger. It's hard to find a place that will put real cheese on a burger, and put it under a salamander or something to melt the cheese properly; if I do, I'll gladly add the cheese, and if not - NOT!

            1. Not really sure it's weird. I've never got any weird looks ordering a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger. I usually can't taste the processes cheese on a most fast food burgers, so I pass on it.

              1. I don't know why they'd care. Plus, don't some people avoid having meat and dairy together for religious reasons? I love cheese but sometimes when I am feeling virtuous (or huge) I skip the cheese just to save on calories but have not noticed a weird reaction.

                Eat what you like so you like what you eat! :)

                1. I usually prefer a cheeseless burger as well. I have found that, to taste the cheese, you need to add so much that it really piles on the calories and actually interferes with the taste of the meat.

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                    Hubby can't stand cheese, whereas I like as much if not more cheese than meat.

                    It takes all kinds, right?

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                      I agree with you; I like to taste the beef when I am eating a burger. If the cook has a specific vision for the burger which includes cheese as a complimentary flavor, then by all means add it! But too often the cheese is thrown on there as an obligatory ingredient which adds nothing to the enjoyment of the burger.

                    2. I love cheese too, but not on my burgers. I wouldn't want a thin slice of hamburger on my grilled cheese sandwich either. I am something of a purist when it comes to hamburgers. My perfect burger has Heinz ketchup on it (and a little pool on the plate for dipping), pickles and onions--both on the side. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be hamburgers.

                      1. I also prefer a cheeseless burger. Most of us that replied to this post also prefer a cheeseless burger or don't like the orange glob they call American cheese. I don't get weird looks at cafes or burger places just at family get togethers where the assemble all the burgers with cheese, lettuce tomato, mustard and onion. I prefer mine with a dressing and no cheese so I always ask for a plain one.,

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                          The only time I get cheese on a burger or sanwich out is if they have swiss, provolone or montery jack, Don't do amercan . Even my grilled cheese has to have one of the above, but I never order them when out.

                          Although that is all I would eat at a recent hospital stay, I orderd a half grilled cheese for lunch and dinner!

                        2. Some fast-food places, like McDonald's, make the cheeseburger standard, I imagine because they can make an extra cent or two. But most places where I live (SF Bay Area) list "hamburger" on the menu, with a notation that cheese is extra. Perhaps it's a regional thing.

                          1. I think you're all nuts.. Cheese & bacon are a must!

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                              Which raises a question that's always bugged me ... why no cheese with BLT sandwiches?

                              (FWIW ... I don't like cheese on my burgers.)

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                                >>Cheese & bacon are a must!

                                Mmmmmmmmm, bacon. Cheese as thick as (or thicker than) the meat and nice crispy bacon.

                                On a hard roll, since ketchup, mayo and mustard are a must. Along with lettuce and tomato and grilled onions.

                                Not much better than a burger as described, except for fries and ice cream.

                                Keep your veggies.

                              2. That's not weird. I think we've become conditioned to think that a burger is no good unless there is cheese on it. I'm 37 and when I was growing up my mom would make burgers there would be no cheese because she said she couldn't afford that "luxury". It wasn't until my early 20's that I would occasionally take cheese and now I always take cheese when I'm out. When I make burgers at home it's more of a toss up...whatever is in the fridge.

                                1. It's not wierd. I like cheese plain or with little nibbles on a cheese plate, particularly if it is high quality cheese (though I am not one of those hounds who live for cheese) and love it in mac n'cheese and other pasta dishes where appropriate, but cheese does not belong on sandwhiches, IMO, including burgers (though wierdly enough, I will make an exception for an egg mcmuffin. Even then, I've found that the quality of the cheese varies a surprising amount between franchises. If any readers of this post find themselves in Gustine, CA, the McDonalds there is particular good....).

                                  But I digress. I've never noticed a look I would call strange, but it does seem that it is harder to get the order right, and I can't tell you the number of times I've had to send it back for having cheese when I specified none. The look you are getting may not be 'strange' as much as it is annoyance: they may charge more for the cheese, but cheese has become such a default order on a burger that it almost seems to be more work not to include it.

                                  1. I go either way on this one depending on what I have a taste for that day. SOmetimes I like cheese, other times I just want to taste the beef. I have never noticed any odd looks from servers(not that I ever pay attention to a servers reaction to what I am ordering).

                                    I dont eat fast food burgers anymore, so I dont know about any issue with requesting no cheese on them, and the issue of "processed cheese" on a fast food burger would seem like par for the course, and just part of the whole unappetizing package.

                                    1. I prefer a plain burger myself. Cheese distracts me from the beef. Lettuce does so as well, which is why I hate my burgers with lettuce.

                                      There are some places I've been to where a hamburger wasn't even on the menu -- only a cheeseburger. So I'd have to order the cheeseburger, hold the cheese.

                                      1. i like cheese on a burger, especialy at resturants.

                                        these people might agree with me.http://www.mcdonalds.com/