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Nov 15, 2008 05:53 AM

Why is "no cheese" on a burger so weird?

First off--I love cheese...all types. Cheddars, Blues, Stiltons, Parmesans, etc, etc. But I DO NOT like cheese on my burger! Lately I've been getting more and more strange looks from every place I go to from local eateries to Ruby Tuesdays to Macs and Wendies when I order a burger with the works but no cheese. Maybe it's because it's a huge profit item for them to push "cheeseburgers". I don't know. But am I in such a minority?

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  1. I don't like cheese on my burger either but have never got, or never noticed strange looks. I'm pretty sure nobody cares if you have cheese on your burger or not.

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      1. I'm in your minority. I always order a double cheeseburger at Mcd "with no cheese." Same at Wendy's. We have the 99c double stacks that come with cheese from Wendy's here. I always order them with no cheese. Same with egg mcmuffins. I do like cheese, but I really can't stand that orange glop that a lot of places use. It smells funny, it tastes like salt, and, well, it's just not cheese. At the diners, I aways order a patty melt - swiss. Sorry, but American cheese is really just gross to me. I'm really not a picky eater at all. Most of the things I refuse to eat are mainly the processed "food" that is basically some chemical concoction. American cheese falls into that category for me.

        Here's a funny thing I do once in a while:
        Go into mcdonald's, ask how much a double hamburger would be. I think they always say like 1.49 or something. Then, I'll say "ok, give me a double cheeseburger, hold the cheese." And it's 99 cents. Holding the cheese at mcd's is also a good way to get a fresh item, and lose a whole bunch of sodium/fat out of your order without giving up any real flavor.

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          Asking for no salt on your fries is also a good way to make sure you get a fresh batch :)

        2. I can't stand cheese on sandwiches (or for breakfast, for that matter), so I never order a burger any other way. OTOH, I also haven't gotten a burger at a fast-food place in well over a decade. I did get one at Ruby's not long ago; no funny looks there.

          I agree that the cheese-on-everything mentality has gotten out of had; and it's usually awful cheese, to boot!

          1. I NEVER order cheese on a burger. And I don't put ketchup, mustard or anything else on it (ok, sometimes a little mayo and some onions) No other rabbit food! Same with my hot dogs, and I drink my coffee black! So I figure folks out there owe me about $15,000 for all the $$$$$$ they have saved at my expense over the years. At least they charge extra for cheese! And even though I now live in the Philly area, I get my Cheesesteaks without cheese (but I do like onions and peppers!)

   if we are going to re-distribute the wealth, you can email for an address to send the checks!

            Seriously, I don't know why folks look askance at plain burger people.