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Nov 15, 2008 05:27 AM

Seeking good breakfast spots in DC (or close Md/Va) open early (7 am) on Weekend

I live in Dupont Circle and we have a toddler. Been going to Open City Diner regularly for a long time -- it's great, open early on weekend, and kid friendly. But getting a bit bored and would love some recommendations of other breakfast spots. Here are my thoughts on other places, to give you an idea of what I am looking for (and to cut off those recommendations early):

1) Krupin's / Morty's -- quite good but doesn't open until 8 and the service is usually terrible early in the AM. Also the menu is somewhat limited.

2) Florida Ave Grill -- opens too late, not super kid friendly and service can be slow

3) Steak & Egg -- love, love, love this place (and it is open 24 hours) but not kid friendly at all except in summer when you can sit outside with high chair

4) The DIner in Adams Morgan -- standard diner place, very kid friendly. Basically the same as Open City (same owners) but not as good.

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  1. I had an excellent breakfast at the Tastee Diner in downtown Silver Spring yesterday - standard Diner fare. I had two eggs over easy, corned beef hash and biscuits. The eggs were perfectly done, the hash was very good and the biscuits were incredible. Some of the best I've had. Very basic but I've been getting some disappointing breakfasts latelly so it was nice to get a really good one. Coffee was the weak spot. I'm pretty sure its open early. No problem with kids and very reasonable. There is also one in Bethesda. Both are accessible by metro if you don't have a car.

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      Ate at Tastee Diner finally. Pretty good diner -- good combination of "greasy spoon" with actual seats and kid friendly. Open 24 hours. Eggs and omelettes were good, and they had chili omelette (thumbs up!). The biscuits were just okay but perhaps I am spoiled by Florida Avenue Grill, which has the best biscuits on earth. I also liked their juice selection (great grapefruit juice -- yellow and sour, just like it should be). The service was quick but inattentive. Overall a good menu, open 24 hours, and kid friendly -- so a winner in my book. Wish it were in NW instead of Bethesda though.

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        Royal Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria is in the same vein, and is walkable to the metro (for some definition of walkable).

        Royal Restaurant & Caterers
        734 N Saint Asaph St, Alexandria, VA 22314

        1. re: masonuc

          i had great biscuits in Silver Spring, not Bethesda. They were truly great IMHO, and I'm very particular. But that doesn't mean they would be the same in Bethesda. Will also have to try the FA grill now to see for myself. ;-0

          1. re: Ellen

            Florida Avenue Grill biscuits are best on earth. I like that place a lot, even if the service sucks, it is dirty, and it is completely not kid-friendly (don't even have high chairs).

          2. re: masonuc

            Have you tried American City Diner on Connecticut around Chevy Chase Circle area? Sounds similar to Tastee but in the District. Very bare bones greasy spoon type of place but is also open 24 hours.

            1. re: DCYankee

              Tried it today based on your post. My thoughts are:

              1) Kid friendly, including a train running around the ceiling
              2) Open 24 hours
              3) Food wasn't all that great -- scrambled eggs were runniest I've ever seen, chili wasn't good, overall I give the diner food a B
              4) Service was inattentive, although maybe just a bad day -- place seemed to have regulars that knew the servers well, which is usually a good sign

              Decent place, but doubt I'd go back with other/better options a little closer. Thanks for the recommendation though, glad I tried it.

              1. re: masonuc

                You're being far too kind to American City Diner, particularly the food, which made my bottom weep brown tears.

        2. Atlantis Pizzeria and Restaurant is open at 7am now daily, except for Sunday when they open at 8. Pretty much what you'd find at the Tastee: omlettes, flapjacks, steak and eggs, etc. Kid friendly, but mostly older folk. MUCH quieter than Luna Grill, and cheaper too.

          Atlantis Pizzeria Restaurant
          3672 King St, Alexandria, VA

          1. Have you tried Pete's Diner down on Capitol Hill? A bit of a hike, but I'd check it out if you haven't. It's a no-frills kinda place that's muuuuch more laid back than Open City or The Diner, and definitely cheaper. I haven't been there in about a year, but I remember it being satisfying, with the caveat of a pour-happy server than refilled our coffee cups every 5 minutes and sent us out the door with some serious caffeine highs.

            Sadly, good diners are yet another thing DC lacks.

            Pete's Carry-Out
            212 2nd St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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            1. re: SouthShore

              I'll second Pete's. Good, greasy, filling, cheap.

              Also, the folks who used to run the Waffle Shop across the street from Fords Theater moved two doors down and took over the Lincoln House Deli. It's now called the Lincoln House Waffle Shop: same crew, same breakfasts, same hot coffee, different interior. Prettty sure they're open at some ridiculous hour like 5:30 or 6am.

              Jemal, the developer, dismantled the original Waffle Shop deco interior and is supposed to be reconstructing it in the neighborhood around the new Convention Center. Can't wait for that one to come online.

              Lincoln House Restaurant
              504 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

              1. re: SouthShore

                This is a great old greasy spoon. It's been awhile since I've been but I'm pretty sure they are cash only,

              2. Check Sunday's Post Magazine food column. Tom Siestma reviewed several breakfast places in yesterdays issue.

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                1. I don't know what time they open up but I like the vibe and basic breakfast food (including the breakfast buritto) at Soho Coffee on P St. in Dupont Circle.

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                  1. re: Elyssa

                    I may check that out but not exactly what I am looking for. Something about that place always rubs me the wrong way anyway -- maybe it's the always-present "Best Chicken Salad on the Planet" sign when their chicken salad is, in fact, mediocre at best

                    1. re: masonuc

                      You are right to be dubious about places that make such claims. MAD magazine got it 50 years ago, when they did a feature on the "pizza pie" craze. (Yes, this was a long time ago).

                      They had a drawing of four pizza places in a row. One claimed the best pizza pies in the city, the next one the best pizza pies in the country, and the third one the best pizza pies in the world. All three were pretty much empty. The fourth place -- Irving's (this being MAD) -- had a line out the door. It modestly claimed to have the best pizza pies on the block.

                      1. re: Bob W

                        The "Best" anything moniker always makes me laugh. Like places that claim to be "Home of the World Famous...." whatever. Yeah, I bet people in Kuala Lampur are really annoyed that they'll never experience Jimmy's "World Famous" Hamburgers.