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Nov 15, 2008 05:11 AM

New Stop & Shop in Ossining

They opened yesterday - we did a bit of light shopping last night, and the place was hopping - folks running into neighbors, kids saying hi to their pediatrician, etc.. What a nice, clean supermarket, a huge contrast (and it IS HUGE) to the old, sad S&S. While we didn't need a whole lot of fresh food (produce, meat, etc.) it looks like it's going to be a nice addition to the neighborhood and will give Four Seasons and Food Emporium a run for their money. Bought a challah and had it for breakfast - yum, and a box of clementines for $5. Looking forward to trying it out again.

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  1. Nice to hear, Nancy C. My S&S in Portchester hasn't remodelled yet, but they have the best butcher, imo of course, in Westchester.

    I like S&S, they have A&P beat by a long shot.

    1. Thanks for the report, Nancy! We usually go to Food Emporium in Briarcliff, which is remodeling a bit (thank god-- now more than one person can fit in the fruit/veggie aisle), but we are curious about the new S&S. We'll probably go check it out this week.

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        We often shop at the Food Emporium, too, and I couldn't agree more re: happy about their makeover, too. We also head to the Shop Rite in Croton where I love the double coupons - it's MUCH better than it was in the past - good produce, good butcher, good organic section, etc. and they FINALLY have enough staff for checkout!

        But we forgot a few things last night, and it's tempting to go try the S&S again. But that's further away, so I'll be kind to the environment and my pocketbook today and go to Shoprite.

        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

          the food emporium in briarcliff is mediocre, even after the "remodel", weak produce, weak fish, poor assortments in general..

        2. We had a brand new Super Stop and Shop open a few months ago directly across from Waldbaums; I feel sorry for them because they're empty every time I go in. Only one cashier out of 20 open. I find their prices to be ridiculously high, and their sale prices are the regular prices everywhere else. What a waste!