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Nov 15, 2008 04:05 AM

Family friendly steak in falls church?

Hi! I'm new to this board, but not the area. I've seen several posts about falls church, but not what I'm specifically looking for... hoping you can help. I'm trying to find a family-friendly restaurant in or around falls church that has good steak (prime rib would be best, but any good steak will do...) Thanks so much!

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  1. What does "family friendly" mean to you? Is that a code for "not too expensive because we have a lot of mouths to feed?" Or a place where the kids can get a hot dog and then run around and scream while you're enjoying a good steak?

    Would McLean qualify as "around" Falls Church? If so, take a look at J. Gilbert's. Decent steaks, large booths, tables not too close together, fireplaces. A step above Outback (both in quality and price) but more "budget friendly" than Capitol Grille or Ruth Chris.

    Oops, the automatic link doesn't seem to be working. Try

    J Gilbert's Wood-Fired Steaks
    6930 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22101

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      I wanted to warn any families away from J. Gilbert's. My husband received a gift certificate from there several years ago and it was so smoky on the 2 occasions we tried to use it that I had to leave. One time was a Friday and the other a Thursday night. The smell of cigarettes was overpowering the first time at the vestibule and the managers explained there was a problem with the ventilation. The second time it was less smoky in the waiting area but still bothersome enough in the non-smoking section to cause wheezing and I had to leave. (I am allergic to smoke, but can usually tolerate the non-smoking section.) I'm assume the food is good enough, because the parking lot is often crowded, but it smells like a bowling alley on an army base. Not family friendly to my mind.

    2. I like Sweetwater Tavern. I've never had steak there but do know people who really enjoy it, including my husband and he's liked the prime rib. It's in Merrifield, off the beltway on 50, and family friendly.


      Sweetwater Tavern
      3066 Gate House Plz, Falls Church, VA 22042

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        I don't know about Sweetwaters, but the steak at Artie's is great! Since they are both in the same group, I'd bet Sweetwaters is good too.