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Nov 15, 2008 02:10 AM

ATL -- Downtown/ Midtown recs?


We're two Phoenix-based 'hounds who will be in Atlanta this next week for a concert. We'll only be in town for two days. We'll be staying at the Glenn Hotel, Downtown, and we won't have a car. We plan on using Marta, and possibly taxi's if needed, the entire time. So we'd love rec's either in the immediate downtown area, or within reasonable walking distance from a Marta rail station (we'd love to explore Midtown in general).

We obviously prefer trying food that is unique to the area, or, simply fun, noteworthy restaurants that are unique to Atlanta. Nothing too divey, and nothing too formal (attire and price -wise). Places that cater to a more young, hip or "trendy" demographic can apply, as long as they receive credible buzz about the food as well.

The gist: 1 casual, unique breakfast spot; 2 casual, unique lunch spots; and, 1 unique dinner spot (* willing to splurge a little on this dinner).

Sorry for the novel. Hope this helps. Any advice would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!

Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Les Fleur De Lis Cafe 57 Forsyth St NW. Call first. This is a lunch Recommendation and their hours are a bit strange if at all.

    Thumbs Up Diner for breakfast. You can get here via taxi if you want to go to the in town location but you can walk to the East Point location on the Marta and walk about two blocks... well worth the effort.

    City Grill is a bit upscale/ Daileys has a dessert wall not to be missed... same owner and she puts an emphasis on quality food great service and good wine. both web sites can link from here.

    you are within walking distance from No Mas Cantina... If anyone recommends it to you, you can disregard ALL of thier suggestions. avoid it.

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      Nice. Big thanks for the reply.

    2. Just curious- what concert are you going to see?

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        We'll actually be in town for the Madonna concert at Philip's.

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          Wow. That's quite a trip for the former Ms. Guy Ritchie. For your splurge dinner, I'd vote for Ecco.

          I'm headed to see Broken Social Scene this week, and maybe one other show, so that's why I asked. Slightly smaller venues than Philips.

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            I see. We're just long-time fans. She didn't stop in Phoenix this time around, and Atlanta was the only place we could find tickets after the initial rush. Besides, we love the city. It's a good excuse to return.

            I hadn't come across Ecco yet. Looks interesting, and in a good location. Thanks!

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              OK, i'll give you very specific recommendations that i think you'll be very happy with:

              For Dinner: Ecco. Take the MARTA train to the North Ave. stop. Get off and walk toward the numbered streets. i think Ecco is on 7th st. (you'll cross Ponce de Leon before the numbers start...but that's your indication that you're going the right way. Ponce is parallel to North Ave. and just north of it. It's easy to get to from your hotel and in a cool part of town. Downtown is depressing.

              For breakfast: Flying Biscuit in midtown. Take MARTA train to the Midtown stop. When you walk off of MARTA you should see 10th st. in front of you. If you don't, you went out the wrong side. Make a right on 10th st. and walk uphill. You'll cross Peachtree. Then Juniper. Then, next block is Piedmont. Corner of 10th and Piedmont is Flying Biscuit. i always get this one breakfast combo. It has like 2 eggs, chicken sausage, and the best peach covered buckwheat pancake you'll ever eat. All breakfasts include this amazingly fluffy buttermilk biscuit with cranberry butter to smear over it.

              It ALWAYS has a long line on the weekends, so get there early if you can. The walk is very enjoyable. This is my favorite part of town, since it's right on the park (Piedmont Park), but i'm a bit biased as i live on 12th st! Enjoy!!! Let me know what you thought of the suggestions if you try.