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Nov 14, 2008 10:35 PM

Michelin Germany 2009

Guide Michelin 2009 is out. Some highlights:

New 3 Star:
Aqua, Ritz Carlton, Wolfsburg.
Winklers Residenz has been degraded to 2 stars (finally)

New 2 Star:
Falco, Westin, Leipzig.
Überfahrt, Rottach Egern, (they are still in a part of the normal restaurant –absolutely Siberia- and will get a new location only mid 2009)
Dallmayr, Munich

New one Star (both definitely highlights!):
Villa am See, Rottach Egern
Ma, Tim Raue, Berlin

Aquarello, Munich, kept his one-star. I wonder, what they have to do to be finally degraded to one fork, what it should be. (ok, maybe two forks)

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  1. Now that Ma Tim Raue's got his star, the prices are finally realistic. I found them to be a bit over the top for someone who didn't have one...

    1. Have to say three stars for Sven Elvereld are well-deserved! He is really unique in his way of modernizng some old German Classics. It is really playful and a must for everyone interested in modern and outstanding cuisine!

      Overall a surprising edition especially when it comes to the two star rating. Christian Jürgens is very good to excellent and bears the most potential for even another star. My review here:

      I will visit Becker's soon and report back...

      1. Any thoughts about the Dallmayr restaurant? The store can be so annoying...

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          It's really old world for our taste, but the food is good and the service impeccable. Right about now Is a great time to go there for their truffle menu... ;)

        2. Winkler: The two of them brought it upon themselves. We swore never to go back there after we were milked for our cash.

          Wife wanted to take me to Rottach Eggern last year, but the scheduling couldn't work out. Good to know, thanks.

          Acquarello: One fork? Hell, give them a chopstick so that they can use it on the 4 tortellinis they serve as a main course.