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Nov 14, 2008 09:34 PM

Fleming's Steak House

Does anyone know if the Fleming's Steakhouse has opened yet in West Hartford Center? If so, how is it?

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  1. I cant tell you how it is, but form there web site it is open, It is located at 44 south main st. in west hartford, The opening hours are posted on there site, also the menu is available on the site, but there are no prices posted , So I guess you will have to go and let us all know if its worth it or not. Good Luck Earle Ct.

    1. it has been open since the summer...right on south main in west hartford center.....anchoring blue back square....

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      1. re: sberc

        Have you been? I drove by it last year when the sign was up that said "coming soon"...but haven't been back to W Htfd since.
        I go to the one in Boston and it is quite good (and we are over loaded with steak houses here so competition is fierce).
        Grew up in W Htfd and I think my parents who stil live there would enjoy it...but I don't want to give them gift certificate if it isn't great.

        1. re: bostongal

          Booo on chain restaurants.

          Find a local steakhouse for your folks

          1. re: negrazer

            The problem is its hard (maybe impossible) to find a local steakhouse comparable to the chains in the Hartford area. IMHO, the anti-chain arguement is usually a red herring. Technically, I expect you would consider Peter Luger's a chain as it has 2 locations, but I wouldn't - so its arbitrary as to what a 'chain' is: 2 sites, 5 sites, 100 sites. Many of you 'chainists' decry Ruth's Chris, but I've been eating there for years and have never been disappointed. Ditto Mortons - but I like Ruth's better. If you can recommend a local steakhouse, I'd certainly be glad to know about it.

            1. re: 02sbxstr

              I think Grant's is a good place to get a steak in W. Hartford, not a chain and has personality. Also having a couple of restaurants does not make you a chain, having a series of the same cookie cutter restaurants with the same food that spreads out from it's place of orgin makes it a chain. Hence the phrase "chain restaurant".

              1. re: garethblackstock

                Grant's isn't a steakhouse - its a fine restaurant that serves steak. Steakhouses don't serve 'pistachio crusted trout' or free range chicken (about as for from a steakhouse entre as you can get). So what you are saying is that if you are a successful proprietor, cloning your business model elsewhere makes you an unworthy chain operator. Don't understand this bias.

            2. re: negrazer

              steakhouses are one of the rare instances where I don't agree w/chain-hate. Please name a top non-chain steakhouse in southern New England please?

              1. re: JaneRI

                I've had good luck with Steaks at a few places. Burton's Grill (I know there are more than one) which is in Boston and south windsor, CT. Another is J. Gilberts in Glastonbury, CT. I also had a decent meal at Jack's in Southington. All were good steak dinners.

                1. re: luvthemdogs

                  J. Gilbert's is a chain.
                  But generally, I agree with Jane. There are plenty of restaurants that serve steak (Like Max Downtown) who do it very well. But no one would call that a classic "Steakhouse". Real steakhouses around here come mostly in the form of chains. Not sure why anyone would care, though. If you are interested in a great steak, you should be accepting of said steak wherever you may find it. And few places do it as well (or can source the best Prime Beef) as national steakhouses with purchasing pull. I detest the location and decor of Ruth's Chris in Newington. But I've yet to have a steak as good within 40 miles of it.

        2. The service and food are impeccable...and expect to pay for it :)

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          1. re: hypertomatoes

            It's unfortunate that there are not any independent steakhouses in the area. There are several in Boston, there are also several chains. I'll take an independent every time. Part of my feeling is that I feel that most independent restauranteurs put a greater degree of pride in their product and service. Part of it is that they often use independent suppliers who in turn source meats from independent farming co-ops.

            My biggest gripe is that I can't stand the homogenization of America and multi-unit concepts contribute to just that and I refuse to support it whenever I can. Independent restaurants help contribute to a community's sense of place. Chains turn unique communities into 'anywhere america'

            1. re: negrazer

              I get what you are saying about independent suppliers and co-ops, but when it comes to the highest quality steak, Prime is Prime. The big chains buy up 95% of the country's supply. How many CT suppliers are raising USDA Prime beef? If you want that, you can't restrict yourself to local purveyors. And small, independent places rarely can afford the super-heating broiler that the deep pockets of a chain can buy. For almost every other type of food, small and local will beat big and national every time. But I just don't see it with steak. That's not to say that local places aren't "as good". But very, very few are flat out "better". But don't mis-read me. I'd rather go down half a peg in steak quality and enjoy a meal in a local place with better pricing, better wine, better atmosphere and better side dishes. But if my mission was singular, and intended only to buy the very best steak possible, (and that, frankly, never happens with me), I'd go to Ruth's Chris, or Shula's, or Del Frisco's, etc.

              1. re: FoodieJim

                Can't argue with you regarding the equipment in a chain restaurant; those broilers are amazing. However, I think the terminology 'Prime' can be a bit misleading. There is a lot of choice grade beef that is in fact Prime quality and here is the reason. At a USDA inspection slaughter house, it costs upwards of five thousand dollars to stop the line between grading. Many farming co-ops simply don't want to pay that extra charge to separate out what tends to be as you said five percent of their production. Some massive farming facilities won't have their beef graded at all, which is called 'no roll'. No joke, I was at a Butcher shop this summer, which was selling no roll beef and I scored a whole prime quality Striploin for $4.50/lb. I showed it off to a couple chef friends of mine and they couldn't believe it. Granted I was lucky, but I just want to illustrate a point that a good chef who has a good relationship with a vendor and can hand select his product or he has the ability to go a meat packing district in a big city, can put an equally impressive steak in front of you at a cheaper cost than what you'll find at a 'Prime' steakhouse. Obviously a chain has to stick with Prime to guarantee consistency.

                1. re: negrazer

                  Goodness, never intended to start a "chain versus non chain" argument. I don't care if it is a chain...I am just looking for some new place for them to try and I actually like the Fleming's in Boston. They go to Max's all the time and I am sure they would like to try something new in West Hartford Center, and avoid the drive into Hartford for a decent sreak. I did not like Burton's in Boston so I do not really consider them to be a competitor of Fleming's....Burton's is less upscale. I was just wondering if any one has actually eaten at the new Fleming's in West Hartford as not all restaurants that are part of the same chain are the same caliber. I thought chowhounds were not snobs and good food is good food regardless of where it is, be it a taco truck or a fancy restaurant. Thanks for any additional input.

                  1. re: bostongal

                    I don't think being someone who doesn't support chains means I'm a snob in the slightest. I'm sure Fleming's will be equally as good in W. Hartford as Boston. I've ate at the Boston one and one in Sarasota, FL and they were essentially the same.

                    My only suggestion was if there was a great local steakhouse support them first, which apparantly there is not. I'm not from that area, so I wouldn't know. I'm certainly not suggesting the food at Flemings is bad.

          2. Back to the OP's question . . .

            I went to Fleming's in WH Center in late July. The food was excellent and the service was good, with a few minor missteps. Normally when I'm paying as much as I did, the glitches would have really bothered me, but I chalked them up to the fact that it had only been open for a month. If they were to happen again now that it's been six months, however . . .

            The only reason I haven't yet returned is because for that price it truly becomes more of a "special occasion" meal for us (the check was higher than a comparable meal at Max's Oyster Bar), and I don't generally gravitate towards steak for a meal out, but I'm sure we'll be back at some point.

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            1. re: cthoops

              Thanks for the post, I have been wondering myself how it was, I love a good Steak ,since Willie's in Manchester has closed ,it has been a little erratic in finding a good place for Steak. But as you stated and I suspected the cost is a little on the up scale side, but not unexpected based on the location and all. When a place has a very nice web site to show there "wares" so to speak , and there menu doesn't have prices you usually can assume that the prices are on the high side. But again thanks for the update. Earle Ct.