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Nov 14, 2008 08:20 PM

Need last minute replacement for closed Vegas restaurant

Going to Vegas on Saturday and my son wanted to take me to Sapporo's. He liked the atmosphere, drinks, sliders and pan asian cuisine. He now says that it has closed suddenly. Any recs for a replacement? Looking for festive, hip place in West Vegas. Will take cuisine similar to Sapporo's but open to other ideas. Have already been to Agave and Firefly (I know, that's not west vegas) Thanks!

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  1. Lots of buzz on the boards and elsewhere lately about Raku...that certainly qualifies.

    Not quite West Vegas, and not very upscale, but definitely "hip" is Mix Cafe on Rancho near Charleston....mostly Thai....

    1. West Vegas is kind of rough for Pan-Asian. I don't have any recs for that type of cuisine. However ...

      A couple of my favs that I always frequented were Grape Street Cafe:

      Vintner Grill:

      ... and of course [almost]everyone's favorite, Rosemary's:

      There are a couple decent options in Red Rock Resort but I'd rather eat at the previous three before I head there.

      Good luck and I hope you find something to suit you. ( BTW ... you aren't going to be missing much not going to Sapporo. Chain restaurant with decent, but nothing special, food but the scenery certainly was nice. )

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        Thanks for the recs. We are going to Rosemary's for dinner on Sunday.

        1. re: augusta chow

          sen of japan, raku, ichiza - all great food. hip factor ? ichiza gets the nod - might be a little busy on saturday but what's great about all 3 - they are open late - as in 3 am.

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            btw - on raonbow near the 215, archi's has a 2nd post ( original i believe is on spring mtn ) and there's a japanese / teppan place a few doors down - both get decent crowds

            1. re: kjs

              The original Archi's is on Flamingo between Jones and Rainbow. I work in the same strip mall, so I know. Of course, work is moving in three West Vegas recs work for me too....moving further west.