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Nov 14, 2008 07:58 PM

Georgetown Advice

For my sister's bachelorette party we are going to the spa at the Four Seasons and then to dinner. Any ideas for a fun restaurant near the Four Seasons for a group of about 15?

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  1. If everyone enjoys seafood I would go to Hook. They should have have room for a group that large in the upstairs area.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Hook is not such a good idea. Search other, more permissive boards to learn about their non-food-related issues. Let's just say 15 ladies screaming and jumping up on the table may not make the best bachelorette party (though it would be memorable!)

      You may have to leave G-Town to find the right place...

      1. re: GyroBall

        Huh? What are you referring to? Are you talking about their change in chefs and management? Because I was there a month ago and my meal was just as good (if not better) than when Chef Seaver was there.

        Or is there some other issue??

        1. re: GyroBall

          Agree--just because the food is decent, Elyssa, doesn't mean it's automatically a good spot for every occassion.

          Mie N Yu would definitely be one of the better options in Georgetown--fun and festive with a good variety of food.

          1. re: Jacey

            I don't think its good for every occasion but I think it would be nice for this occasion, if and only if everyone likes seafood. It's a chic, delicious, newish restaurant. It's fun with the decor and open kitchen. But the poster said below not everyone is a seafood lover so for this particular bachelorette party it's out.

            Never been to Mie N Yu. I had reservations about a year or so ago but a lot of my friends gave so-so reports on the food (decor is amazing..I've peaked in before). Maybe I should check it out sometime.

            1. re: Elyssa

              I was just at Hook about 3 weeks ago. Hip and fun don't come to mind. It's serene with the white interior but feels best for an older crowd--people in their late 30s/40s. i thought the food was only so-so.

      2. Mie 'n Yu is fun. They use to have a huge communal dining table upstairs, not sure if they still do.

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        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          Mie 'N Yu is high on my list of considerations---we're not too big on seafood. What about Paolo's or West End Bistro?

          1. re: 79pooh83

            Westend Bistro might be a little too formal for a bachelorette party.

            Paolo's is just a ho-hum restaurant. There's another Italian place called Papa-Razzi in G'town, which is better but nothing exciting either.

            1. re: Ericandblueboy

              For Italian in Georgetown I would go to Filomena. The food is good and I'm sure everyone will enjoy the HUGE pieces of cake for dessert.

              It doesn't scream "bachelorette party" but it can handle a group your size and the food is yummy.

              1. re: Elyssa

                That would not be a fun place for a group of girls at a batchelorette party. a lot of families go there.

                1. re: Jacey

                  I totally agree, Fiiomoena is NOT a place that would be fun for a bachelorette party. If your group has a lot of single girls, go for J Paul's. The food is nothing spectacular but you will get a lot of attention at the bar and a lot of free drinks!

                  1. re: anchor

                    I would not go to Paolos, its low quality tourist food I have found. I love Filomena's but call ahead first and speak to a manager (not just a server) maybe they can seat you in the kitchen (a place of honor there). And I second Mie N Yu. Non, food related when making reservations at the spa at Four Seasons make sure you get Joanne. She is my massage therapist and she really knows her stuff, plus she does facials too! Hands of gold she has.

                    1. re: LucindaLC

                      Thanks all for the help-food and spa. We're leaning toward Mie N Yu but keep the suggestions coming..............

                      1. re: 79pooh83

                        I think Mie N Yu would be a great choice for you! They make great hand-crafted cocktails, and I've always enjoyed the food there. Also, you can't beat the atmosphere and decor in that area.

        2. screw it and just go to Georgetown cupcake.

          I think Filomena would be good because you can be loud and no one will care.

          I'd probably get in a cab, though, and go to another neighborhood....

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          1. re: Jeserf

            I second Jeserf- just went to G-town Cupcake this past weekend- 3 cupcakes later in 1 day- and they were delicious!

          2. Head to the ritz calton bar , Degrees, for drinks/apps. Then go to Hook on M street for dinner. Both fun and "sceney" places.