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Nov 14, 2008 07:43 PM

Where in OC to eat out often?

This message is admittedly plagiarized almost word for word from a message for someone who lives in L.A. We live in Irvine, and the same message applies to us.

We eat out frequently and have yet to find many restaurants that fit the need for a tasty, all around menu that is reasonably priced. We are not looking for ethnic here - nor are we looking for a diner or coffee shop. Maybe a place with fresh, delicious food and a varied menu that is consistently good and has entrees under $20. We live in Irvine, but Costa Mesa, Newport, Laguna, Lake Forest, or nearby Santa Ana would all be fine. Any and all suggestions welcomes!

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  1. The only place that we always leave happy is Marche Moderne and sometimes Sapphire. I know that MM is not cheap, but every time we eat anywhere else and we are not happy, we always say, we should have gone to MM.

    1. Daily Grill on Jamboree and DuPont has several entrees under $20 and is consistently good. The Elephant Bar on Culver & the 5 freeway is noisy, but the food is good.

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        Yes, we love Marche Moderne, but it definitely isn't cheap, and although we would certainly love to eat there regularly, that just isn't possible.

        Sure the Daily Grill and Elephant Bar are ok, but I guess I am looking for something a bit more homely and not a chain.

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          It may be a bit out of your area but cafe hiro is really good.

      2. I go to the Greek Island Grille at least twice a month for four years so it must be my favorite. It's a total gem and extremely cheap. The bifteki, hummus, melezanosalata, tzadziki, and pretty much everything else are terrific. It's a whole in the wall, but comfortable with great service (though you do order at a counter, they deliver your food to your table). Unfortunately, my little secret seems to be catching on. On the corner of Sunflower and Bristol.

        1. I eat at Veggie Grill (UCI Marketplace) a lot. Fits what the OP wants (tasty, all around menu that is reasonably priced, not ethnic, not diner, or coffee shop, fresh, delicious), except the "varied menu" part. They have a small menu. However, I like this place a lot. This is a vegan restaurant, though many non-vegans like my family go here. Entrees are mostly $9 each.

          1. Yes, it would be nice to have a brasserie or cafe style place that you could eat at regularly and not feel you're doing something special and paying pricey backs for a meal. Actually, the closest to this ideal that comes to mind is of all places Claim Jumpers. They make a good small pizza, have rotisserie roast chicken, and you can get a beer or wine all fresh and tasty. As I think of them, I realize I take them for granted but, believe it or not, they seem to have a good Quality Control standard and they deliver this good food at reasonable prices seven days a week.
            Maybe the restaurant business will change as the economy continues to tank, so that eateries, as opposed to posh restaurants, each trying to out do each other, will opffer a package that entices people to come back regularly. I'd like to hear of such places. I guess to have the emotional wherewithal to start a restaurant a chef has to believe she or he offers something really special, and people need to pay for it. Somestimes they want a place that people can eat at regularly instead of making it a "big deal." I suspect "big deal" places will find it difficult in this terrible time. Another place thjat comes to mind is El Torito Grill, not El Torito, which offers the same wide selection, tasty food, reasonable prices.
            I usually don't like the chain type restaurants by the way and find it ironic that the two that come to mind are examples of this type of establishment..